Motherboard recommendation..Please help.

Greetings! I am ready to buy a new replacement motherboard for the one i had before, It was a Gigabyte P35-DS3L. My cpu is C2D e6750 and i have 4gb of Geil pc6400 ram. I am looking for a motherboard which is kind of stable (i had enough of Gigabyte's, rma'd it thrice) and in the price range between $90 - $125 (sorry, i'm kinda cheap). I prefer to have either Asus or Abit but if you guys know something better, please give me some idea(s) which one.
I've already done my research but i just want to get your opinions. I appreciate your time reading this and you all take it easy.
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  1. wow. I wonder what's the deal with all those recent gigabyte failures, looks like production quality is on its way downhill there in taiwan. get an x38 asus duh...
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