evga 8600gts 512 vs. evga 8800gt 512?

ok well obviously i realize the 8800gt is going to perform better, but my question is it worth it for me to dish out the money. im upgrading my cpu(Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core Processor 5200+ Socket AM2~$124), mobo(ASUS M2N-SLI AMD AM2 Socket AM2 2000 MHz PC2-6400~$89), ram(CORSAIR XMS2 4GB PC2-6400 DDR2-800~$123), and vga. at 1st i wanted to go with the 8600gts 512 and it would be cheap at $180-30mir which would cost me $150. though this is an ideal price after looking at some reviews and benchmark charts it seems like the 8800gt completely blows this card out of th sky. if my main purpose was to play cod4, is it worth it to dish out an extra $130 for a total of $280 for the 8800gt?? what will the performance difference be and my fps and what setting can i play at? thanks a lot

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  1. At the 150-180 price point, you would go for an HD3870 or HD 3870.

    I would say yes, as long as it isn't painful for you to pay, since the GT is a wonderful card.
  2. 8800GT 512 destroys the 8600GTS 512 in every game and this difference is very much noticeable so definitely go for 8800GT 512

    HD 3850 and HD 3870 are good too, but GT is better than both of them
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