Power outage caused weird computer problems

During the outage the power went off for about 3 seconds on for about 1 second and off for about 30 minutes, this happened when my computer was on. When the power came back up I turned on the computer and everything loaded well but when I tried to open Firefox it said there was an error. I uninstalled Firefox and reinstalled it but it still didn't work. The next day when I turned my computer on more error messages occurred. Not only did Firefox not work but Internet Explorer doesn't either, in fact most of my programs couldn't run! Including my games like Halo 2, and Age of Empires III. When turning on the computer I keep getting LogonUIexe_Bad Image and C:\Windows\sysyem32\rtutlis.dll, WFWIZ_vistaexe_Bad Image, C:\Windows\system32\avicap32.dll just to name a few.Almost every program I click either doesn't open or comes up with a bad image error message. I ran a virus scan but that didn't help and now when I click on my start menu it won't open.I did a system restore and it didn't fix the problem. I ran ccleaner and it didn't fix it. What's the problem and how do I fix it? It's at the point where almost nothing works.
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  1. When a computer is suddenly turned off, it is possible that Windows can be corrupted. That happens because Windows (and all other modern OSes) has many system files opened, and if these files are not properly closed they can become corrupted.

    This is probably what happened to your computer. You need to reinstall or repair Windows. I would try to repair it first since that means all your data will not be wiped.

    I am assuming you have a brand name PC like a Dell so check out the manual or call tech support about how to repair Windows, or in the worst case scenario, reinstall Windows.
  2. jaguarxkx offers sound advice. I had the same thing happen several years ago and unfortunately, repair didn't solve all the problems and I had to reload Windows. Since then, I have used an APC UPS on every one of my boxes and havn't had a repeat. Weird things can happen with blackouts and brownouts - a surge protector just isn't enough.
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