new PATRIOT 64GB SSD drive, does it suck?

i just got this patriot 64bit ssd drive. and i have already put it aside, i am back using my "old" velociraptor, it writes data a lot faster!
so my question is, does anyone have a patriot ssd drive and does it suck? or more important question, do all ssd drives suck (for now) ??
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  1. The SSDs read speeds are good but most of the SSDs $uck at write speeds.
  2. Basically all budget SSD's use MLC and the Jmicron controller. That combination seems to really suck at writes. High end SSD's don't have that problem, but unless you're willing to drop $500 plus on a 64-80GB drive, the Velociraptor is your best bet right now.
  3. thanks.
    can you tell me which drive writes faster?
  4. Intels X25-e writes fast...

    Anything SLC as cjl said.
  5. In what price range?

    For the price most people would consider reasonable, you won't get better than a velociraptor for writes. The next tier above the velociraptor is the Seagate Cheetah 15k.6 (>150MB/s sequential and faster access times than a velociraptor), available in 150GB, 300GB and 450GB varieties, all still cheaper than a good SSD in terms of price per GB. Of course, to use them, you need a SAS controller, which comes included on the Asus P6T motherboard, but you need an add in card for basically any other board. Above that, you have the Intel X25-M SSD (which is actually MLC, but doesn't suck) or the Samsung SLC SSD. Above even those, you have the Intel X25-E Extreme Solid State Drive (SLC based, unlike the X25-M). Above even that, but priced to suit, is the Stec Zeus-IOPS SSD (not that I would expect that one to be in your price range...).
  6. Shadow703793 said:
    The SSDs read speeds are good but most of the SSDs $uck at write speeds.

    You mean all but intels x one's that cost like 2x as much but are much better all around.
  7. That Zeus thing looks insane

    X25-M is actually not all that great at writes
  8. Not great relative to the best SSD's, but it certainly beats rotating HDD's in most cases, and doesn't stutter like the cheap MLC drives. Sure, the sequential transfer rates when writing are fairly bad, but if the material has even a tiny amount of seeking required, the practically zero access time allows the X25-M to still perform quite well in writes.

    Basically, though I wouldn't use it for a fileserver, for a home drive, it would work great, unlike the cheap MLC drives.
  9. Yes it sucks!!!
    I have a Dell Precision M2300 which came with a Samsung 32Gig SSD that runs great. I needed more so space so I bought the Patriot Warp 64, bad mistake. I'm updating my files now to go back to the 32Gig. I don't know what I can do with the Patriot???
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