BFG 8800 GT OC fan speed?

So out of the box the 8800 GT OC fan speed is set at 29%, which seems to be leading to some heat problems. I've bumped it up to 76% right now and it's cooling down quite a bit. What speed do you guys set the fan speed at? I've used NTune to modify it.

Oh, and do I need to leave NTune running?
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  1. how did you modify the fan speeds using ntune? I've been trying to figure that out.
  2. im using rivatuner. it is not OC card. but it is running at 45% all the time. on loads, it goes to 0%, n if the temp goes higher than 75C, then it runs at full speed.
  3. I still haven't been able to figure out either ntune or rivia. I used to use ati tray tools which worked really well. You could set it so that once the card reached a certain temperature the fans would kick up higher. These nvidia ones don't seem to even give me the option.
  4. NTune works great, but why do I have to redo it each time I reboot? Should it keep it's settings?
  5. I haven't used NTune but with RivaTuner there is a check box to enable fan speed at windows start up. Mine was set at 46%, the highest setting before I could hear it.

    After you download nTune, load it up, it should end up reading NVIDIA Control Panel at the top.. where it says PERFORMANCE, click it, then read to the right.. it will ask you to read something about tearing the crap out of your system if you jack something up.. check the "yeah yeah, got it .. quit nagging me mom" box and you shoudl get some more settings (depending on video card and motherboard.)

    I just can't get the fan to increase on my BFG 8800 GT OC on it's own.. if I select AUTO, it seems to stay at 29%.. I even downloaded the new BIOS, uninstalled then reinstalled drivers .. and in AUTO, still locked at 29%.

    At any rate, playing Crysis, I set it at 90% or so and play the game.. the GPU never gets over 62c or so playing 1024x768, all HIGH settings... just have a 120mm in the front and an 80mm in the back.. seems cool.

    When I'm on the desktop, I bring it down to 55% or so and it's 49-54c.

    I did read in ONE place (may have been here) that they recently changed the fans on the 8800 GT reference cards... saw pictures and all.. unsure if my BFG is old or new. The post was a few weeks ago.
  7. Well guy's, I'm using Rivatuner and I've set my clocks on a stock 8800gt at 640mhz/1600mhz/960mhz memory I also set my fan setting to 60% always on, when I play COD 4 it runs at 54C at max settings. It supposed to go to 708mhz gpu, 1710mhz, and like 1010mhz memory speed. I tryed that and crashed my games because it runs hot, witch it doesn't make sense to me if its on a 65nm die? But when you overclock from what I've heard go in 5 incroments and test it out on a bad ass game like crysis or COD 4. just a suggestion. Good Luck.
  8. RivaTuner FTW
  9. Brother,

    Quit messen around with the fan speed, and BIOS updates from BFG, I did that **** for 3 weeks, messen with that damn BFG 8800GT OC 512MB card trying to bring those hellish temps down. I should have listen to all the other posts, install a Zalman VF900 it is the only sure fire cure. I haven't messed with my card since I have installed the Zalman cooler. Its nice to start my computer up without having to worry about setting any type of fan speed or anything just playing games. Check it out.

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    E-mail Installed Zalman VF900 on my BFG 8800GT 512MB OC "PICS"Just installed the Zalman VF900 on my 8800GT. All I can say is WOW! My idle temps went from 55C to 44C and my full load temps went from 80C to 62C I got that from playing Crysis for 40 minutes settings on HIGH. I ran through 3dmark 06, 3 times and it only went up to 57C so you know I had to test it with Crysis he, he,. Anyways, I highly recommend this cooler to anyone on a budget, I picked mine up from Compusa on a 20% mark down (Goodbye Compusa), just remember to pick up some additional heatsinks for the MOSFETS. Sorry! about the poor quality of the pics crappy camera or operator probably the latter, Check out these pics and tell me what you think:
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