Ntfs.sys error 0x024 HD would crash the system

ok so i had one western digital and one seagate 500gb with 32mb buffer. One day i changed the ram and disaster started. first both of my hard drives showed 0x00000024 error with problems in ntfs.sys

It wont boot at all. tried windows recovery consol, and booting with dos only but both things didnt work. system would crash. then i brought a new hard drive and i installed windows on it (a fresh one) and everything worked fine. then i added the seagate drive in the system and it crashed. then i added the drive to already on pc and used add hardware wizard. the second xp detected the seagate hard drive, it crashed.

what do i do? i truely and badly need these two drives back online. One has all the original documents and the other contains the backup for it. I have no way out. Please please please please please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!nd
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  1. ok now since i have installed a new hard drive. computer wont crash. installation of windows went without a hitch. So i am guessing that the ram is actually good (well i just bought it). and since the same controller is being used for this hard drive, i guess the controller is ok too.

    well after having windows xp installed, i plugged in the bad hard drive and the second xp detected the drive, the system crashed and start going through boot cycles.

    PLease please please help!!!!!!!!!!!!111
  2. you might want to try better grammer, better spelling, and a better explanation since it took me a couple read throughs to try to figure out what you were saying. As far as I can figure you have a HD (that has data on it) that whenever you put it into a funcioning system it crashes that computer. I am going to take a stab in the dark here and say you have some corrupted data on the seagate and that is what is causing your problems.
    I suggest taking all the data off that drive and reformatting the seagate and putting the data back on. Although I would run disk diagnositc software such as seatools first to make sure the drive is still good.
    You are probably going to want to use a bootable CD to get the data off insead of booting from your main system to get the data off for obvious reasons. I would try a Linux live CD.
  3. ok i am downloading linux live. lets see now how that works out.
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