Crossflash and ASUS P5N32-E SLI to EVGA or XFX

Hello Everyone,

This is my first post on Toms Hardware. I am constantly amazed with the number of helpful people on this board. I would like some help with something I am curious about.

I have a P5N32E-SLI with the latest beta BIOS from ASUS. I have heard that some users have had better stability and overclocks with an EVGA or XFX bios. The problem is that I have heard of EVGA users crossflashing to XFX and vice versa, but never anything on ASUS. I am well aware that I will probably void my warranty by doing this so I want to be sure that it works.

So if anyone here owns a P5N32E-SLI and has crossflashed it to another 680i BIOS like XFX and/or EVGA BIOS please tell me how it went.

Thanks in advance for all the help,

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  1. Hey I'm in the same boat just bigger cau :hello: se I'm fatter. hee hee
    A guy named Shampoo (1-26.08) heard that in a week Asus will be having a new BIOS for us

    If you get any new Intel on this subject please e-mail me..thanks
  2. eVGA <-> XFX works because theyre both the same, branded reference boards that is.
    ASUS makes their boards themselves so I think that there could be problems with their BIOSes.
  3. Serelaw - I am glad to hear that a new BIOS may be on the horizon. Not that I need it, but a BIOS update tends to do more good things then bad.

    Ycon - I see where you are coming from. I downloaded an XFX bios and it is half the size of an ASUS BIOS so you are probably very right when you say there could be problems. Rather than risk my silicone I will settle for official ASUS BIOSes

    Thanks for your replies folks,

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