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Hey im a total noob to overclocking. Im trying to overclock my e6400 duo processor on a p95 neo motherboard. I go into bios the FSB has a minimum of 266 and a maximum of 333. Do any of you guys know why theres a maximum FSB in the bios? anyway when i change it to 333 and reboot the system starts fine but actually only runs at 666 mhz since the multiplier changes from x8 to x2. On the other hand in CPUz it says that its running at 2000 mhz and at times moves up to 2800 mhz with the voltage fluctuating wildly. Any help.

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  1. Ok thats great. So it means i actually overclocked it to 333 mhz. But on the other hand is this the maximum for the cpu or the maximum for the motherboard? the motherboard wont let me select a value larger than this. Any way to get around it?
  2. oh and also is it something i have to turn off or is this power saving good?
  3. ok also when i change the fsb in the motherboard to 333 it changes the multiplier from 8x to 6x for some reason
  4. SpeedStep, power saving features... Disable it in BIOS. Or Load your CPU and see what clock you get.
  5. Disable C1E, leave enabled EIST for non-overclock.
    If you are overclocking, disable both.
  6. You really need to read some of the stickies on this site. Many of the answers you are looking for are explained really well in them. Do a little work, there's more to OCing than just changing your FSB...
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