NO network card can start (Code 10)

During the day, my internet connection died, actually, my NIC did... sort of.. got error 10.
I tried to uninstall and re-install it, and it seems to go back but then I get the error code 10.
I installed a new Belkin USB NIC and it installed fine but also returns error code 10. I installed a Hawking USB NIC and it installed Ok, but returns error 10. I installed an old 802.11b SohoWare PCI card, and it installs fine, but returns error 10. I installed a Marvell Yukon 88E8052 PCI-E ASF Gigabit Ethernet Controller and it installed fine, just still get the error 10. I un-installed each NIC that didn't work and re-booted before installing the next.

This all sounds like a virus that can attack any network device, as any form of network device fails on error 10.
If I didn't have a few computers laying around, I couldn't make this post. I also checked all services between the computers, networking settings, group policies, BIOS settings, etc. to look for something different on the bum machine, but nothing is obvious that caused the one machine to allow a NIC to be installed, but then cannot be used. (I'm running XP-Pro, SP2)

I ran "WinsockFix" to no avail, I tried the repair I found elsewhere (below), but it did nothing to help. How about You? Can You help?

"TCP/IP stack repair options for use with Windows XP with SP2.

Start, Run, CMD to open a command prompt:

Reset TCP/IP stack to installation defaults. netsh int ip reset reset.log

Reset WINSOCK entries to installation defaults: netsh winsock reset catalog

Reboot the machine."

Tried, no luck... (sigh...)
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  1. Check your Device Manager
    Code 10 is almost always the driver.

    When you changed NIC did you clean out the old NIC software/driver first?

    Where did you obtain the drivers from?

    Since you didn't indicate the make/model of your computer, I can not direct you directly to the proper web page. The computer manufacturer usually has the driver downloadable. Sometimes the NIC manufacturer will have the driver downloadable. However, without specific make/model numbers, I can not provide you with the proper link.

    Driver CDs usually provide old drivers. The manufacturer website is often the best source for drivers, if it is not available via the computer manufacture's website.
  2. These are network devices that work in any other computer. The machine in question apparently took a hit from internet that disabled any form of networking. I installed each of them to prove hardware (NIC's) are not damaged and drivers do work elsewhere (other machines).
    All devices were thoroughly uninstalled before next device installed to insure against interaction. I also ran SFC, and for the intertainment, did a CD "repair" of windows. The repair did it's usual thing of messing up Direct-X, SP2 and .Net Framework, but they are quickly fixed.

    I've seen a few malware detectors mentioned in these forums, but none were being used for this problem, however, I'm going to get them and let them have a go at this thing (blind hope?). I normally can handle just about anything that can go wrong with a machine but this problem is just frustrating. I see my future: Re-installing windows, but I really wanted to learn what happened here and what could fix it.

    The machine is my old computer, a backup to this one that is still used for many things.
    Problem machine is a DFI Lanparty NFII Ultra B
    AMD Athlon XP3200+

    Good machine is DFI Lanparty 790FX
    AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400+
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    Sounds like you picked up a virus. Even if you catch and delete the virus, it often affects the operating system in some way before it is effectively removed.
    By rolling back the system to a date prior to when the virus was picked up effectively cancels any system change the virus might have created.
  4. I agree that my machine picked a virus. It must be very new as none of my scanners finds it. There have been a couple post of the same problem here in these past few days.
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