Can I run this video card with this wimpy power supply?

I was thinking of upgrading my Nvidia Geforce 6600 to a 7600 GT... however my Dell only came with a wimpy 250 watt power supply so I dont think its going to work without getting a better PSU. Im sure you might wonder why I dont purchase a better PCI card instead of this AGP based card.... well my old ass motherboard does not support PCI express graphic cards :pfff:

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  1. I used to do stuff like that and never had a problem. If that card is PCIE does it require a power connection? I had to ditch my old Gateway PS because of a video card power requirement.
  2. The PCIe version of the 7600GT does not require auxilliary power. That PSU is miniscule, but might be enough. How many amps on its +12V rail?
    I had a PC with a X2 3800+, 2GB of RAM, 2 HDDs, and a 7600GT in it that only pulled 126W out of my UPS when idle.
  3. It depends on how well your PSu has lasted over the years. They do tend to lose capacity in time. Go ahead and try. At worst you'll have to buy a StealthXStream 600 or some other cheap but decent PSU that actually fits in Dell boxes.

    Make sure the 7600GT you buy has DDR3. not DDR2. The DDR2 version is much slower.
  4. As long as your psu isn't ancient it will work fine. That's the limit on the Dell 250w though.
  5. Ok lets say I do purchase this card my next question is will I see a big difference in video performance over my Geforce 6600 card? My current system specs are as follows -
    Manufacturer : Dell Computer Corporation (Model Dell DIMENSION DIM4600)
    Mainboard : Dell Computer Corp. 02Y832
    Chipset : Intel i865PE
    Processor : Intel Pentium 4 @ 2800 MHz
    Physical Memory : 2048 MB (4 x 512 DDR-SDRAM )
    Video Card : Nvidia Corp GeForce 6600 [NV43]
    Hard Disk : WDC (120 GB)
    Hard Disk : WDC (120 GB)
    DVD-Rom Drive : LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-1693S
    CD-Rom Drive : Lite-On LTN486S 48x Max
    Monitor Type : NEC Technologies NEC FE991SB - 18 inches
    Network Card : Broadcom Corp BCM5705 NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet
    Network Card : Intel Corporation PRO/100 VE Network Connection
    Operating System : Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition 5.01.2600 Service Pack 2
    DirectX : Version 9.0c (December 2007)
  6. ^^^Actually I dont want to purchase a whole new PSU and all that. Im going to replace this entire PC in a year so I was kinda hoping you people could suggest a good AGP video card around $100 that would work with my system. This would be the absolute last upgrade I ever do to this system... :non:

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