Bad HDD or install disk?

Had some minor annoyances with my pc so decided to do the ol' reformat/reinstall of Win2K Pro. It's a 250GB Seagate drive formatted into 3 drives. Anyway, install goes great, get my nic drivers installed and hit the evil empires website to upgrade to SP3. That's when the issues start. It immediately starts throwing errors about corrupt files on c:\winnt\... Only thing I didn't try doing was reformatting the entire drive. Didn't want to lose the data on the other drives.

I'd had issues reinstalling on OC'd machines before, so I reset bios to default, but no luck.

I have a 2nd HDD in the rig, so I formatted the the C drive and installed. Everything went fine including both SP 3 and 4. Loaded vid drivers, etc. with no issues UNTIL I installed IE6. After the reboot, getting the error message "ntdlr is missing". I have another pc running Win2K Pro, so I can make a boot disk to try and replace the files if it does it again. (Already reformatted, got kinda pissed)

Any ideas or suggestions?
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  1. run checkdisk , Or download seagate's tools (not sure what they are called) It definitely could be a bad HD and is worth checking out
  2. Download and run the Seagate SeaTools DOS.

    Erase the drive with a Zero Fill and run a Long Test (not short one, because some times it will not detect all problems). See if it has any errors, and if it dose you know the problem.
  3. Thanks for the link. I'll give that a shot. I did run chkdsk. It found some errors but corrected them.
  4. I think it's possesed. Couldn't get the Seagate tool to download last night for some reason, so I did another format/install. Oddly enough it went flawless. Funny thing is, I went into the bios to tell it which drive to boot to (boot order), chose the Seagate drive where the OS is installed... "NTLDR is missing". WTF?! So I switch it back to my old 80GB Maxtor drive, and it boots fine. Not sure that I care what happened as long as it working, but sheesh.
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