Recommendation for new build (first o/c)

To all the pros in this forum,

Thanks for your previous help with my build. After taking every comment into consideration, here is what I have come up with for my first overclock pc. My original budget was 650 but the current build tops out at 710. If there is any possible way I can lower this, please let me know. I am amped to do my first o/c. Once again, any suggestions are more than welcome.

Thanks in advance.

(The previous thread had become too long, so I modified my list in accordance to those suggestions and decided to start a fresh thread ;) )

$169 (o/c without after -market fan from 2.33 -> 2.66 possible?)

(looks nice)


GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3L LGA 775 Intel P35 ATX Intel Motherboard $96

Adata 2GB DDR2-800 $45

XFX PVT84JUDD3 GeForce 8600GT $129.99

Western Digital 320GB 16MB Cache

DVD Burner
Samsung 20X DVD Burner $26
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  1. you could cut down some cash on the case. i bet u can find a good one for around 50.

    the 2600XT is same/better than the 8600GT and this one is 512MB and is $105 ($84 after rebate):

    this articel says 2600XT is better than 8600GT:

    and the 512mb is even better, and in this case cheaper
  2. Just a couple suggestions, and to all those with more experience please feel free to counter me...

    #1 if you are looking to get more OC bang, I would go with an 8800gt over the 8600. the 8600's are geared more towards htcp's which isn't exactly the sort of system you would build with OC in mind.

    #2 depending on how much OC you are looking to get from your CPU, you may want to consider an aftermarket HSF, something a bit more beefy than the stock cooler to protect your investment.
  3. Maybe it's an HTPC or he has a game console like 360 or ps3 for gaming.

    A GeForce 8600GT PC can get by with 300W PSU. The 550W can do 8800GT/GTS/GTX/ULTRA. Downgrade the PSU to Corsair 450VX or even Earthwatts 380W.

    Yup, I highly recommend an aftermarket HSF such as Scythe Infinity, Ninja, Tuniq, Typhoon, etc. Whatever is on sale.
  4. Just to clarify a few things:

    - For the time being, I will be doing some light gaming and video processing, but mostly java development using eclipse, jboss e.t.c
    - I need to get an nvidia card primarily because of developement purposes (I use linux as my environment), and I have
    had bad luck in the past with ati cards (i currently have an ati card, agp though)
    - I will also be running a media server (winamp in windows xp)

    I will probably be upgrading the video card in about 6-7 months and possibly get an 8800gt(s/x) an sell the current selection to a friend who does not do any gaming on his computer (hence the current selection).

  5. I like this case, have used it for two builds that were not mine, but I already bought another one for mine.
  6. Depending on what kind of java programming, if it's database programming, you want more ram & faster harddisks. The harddisk link you posted links to an 80gb. I'd get seagate 7200.11 or even a raid setup.
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