GeForce 9800 GX2 pics and specs

hey guys, this is from what i consider a reliable source (hardocp)...looks like there is no new architecture to be had :(
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  1. Looks pretty intense. I wonder how much this is going to cost and I hope it doesnt flop like the 7950GX2.
  2. dang its big and black. Is this the 8800GX2? Im confused right now because the source said 9800. but feb and march. ?? And only 30% faster than the 8800ultra when its 2X ultras? WTF??
    And I thought the 8800GX2 was on a dual PCB.
  3. " We would expect to see two 768MB frame buffers per GPU here, but that is not what is spelled out."

    this doesnt seem like a smart statement... considering this product looks like a G92 times 2. All G92's are 256bit bus... one would assume it would have to be 256mb 512mb or 1gb onboard. For this card to have 768MB it would have to have the same bit bus as the GTX (384) meaning it would be on the old G80 chip which would make STUFF ALL SENSE.

    and the second bit
    "We are guessing 512MB per GPU currently."

    To my knowledge SLI doesNT double your RAM so it would have to be a shared 1gb ram rather than 512mb per GPU
  4. I'll take one
  5. looks a little long...
  6. starcraftfanatic said:
    looks a little long...

    That's what she said.
  7. all I saw was 30% more?.I think Nvidia is slighting its fans and the crown is up for grabs
  8. Two gpus and only 30% more? That's a let down.
    If the article is correct anyways.
  9. winkgood said:
    That's what she said.

    Best. Post. Ever.

    As far as the 9800 GX2 goes, it looks like nothing more than 2 g92 cores in a single slot. Hopefully they will be on the same PCB ala HD3870 X2. More importantly, I hope Nvidia has figured out how to let the two GPUs utilize the same framebuffer. Otherwise we're looking at a lot of wasted VRAM.
  10. Its 2 cards slapped together ala 7950
  11. Wonder how much it'll cost. $600?
  12. it appears nvidia is having a hard time making a better G80 chip - this reminds me of the northwood shrink in 2004-2005 to prescott.

    this tells me there is not a killer 9800GTX coming out, and this is why nvidia released low end parts in reverse of the usual high end to low end release.

    we got the GT then the GTS and now the dual core or twin pcb on one pci-e.

    looks like the 3-way may be the top or the line? 3-way was supposed to be short term issue but now looks like it may give like to the 8800GTX in 2008?

    or quad sli with the 9800 as sister top of the line?

    this opens up the crown to ati with the quad crossfire and asus tri-crosslinks????

    very interesting!

    we knew this was coming - since the dual 3870 is coming - but the dual 3870 is 2 gpu's on one pcb - i think ati is going to beat nvidia this year
  13. Evilonigiri said:
    Wonder how much it'll cost. $600?

    it said in the link it will replace the 8800Ultra, so i would say at least 600-800$ :(
  14. I doubt ATI could get the crown this year but if it does it wont be by a big margin. If anything Nvidia still has a big advantage that is if they are hiding a killer card, I would not be surprised since they had a lot of time and cash earned from 8000 series which is still on top...
  15. i'm hoping the specs are all wrong
  16. I'm hoping the specs are all wrong too. I hope that we see more than a 30% performance between the Ultra and whatever the next highend is- whether that be from nvidia or ati, I really don't care who. It will have been over a year of an uncontested 8800, hopefully that year will have something to show for it; software has gotten a little more than 30% more demanding, if Crysis is any indication of what the future holds.
  17. I don't believe this crap, if it is a die shrink 8800 gtx, then why not call 8800gx2 (G92). that doesn't make any sense to me.
  18. crazywheels said:
    I don't believe this crap, if it is a die shrink 8800 gtx, then why not call 8800gx2 (G92). that doesn't make any sense to me.

    if makes pefect sence if the 9800GTX is running too hot?

    then again since ati is known to be going to a dual gpu since they can not complete in the top tier maybe nvidia is holding back the the new 9800gtx?

    or they are saving up top tier chips and have a low yeild?

    its stange that the 9800gtx is not out but the G92 gts is?
  19. I don't buy the rationale on all levels - name, output, model info, source etc etc..
    WTF they cant so called 9000 series a product that has seen more changes under it's 8000 guise! (including a die shrink). But my fingers are silently crossed that nvid are having difficulties bringing out the real 9000 series (this aint it guys - don't be fooled by the fool's gold - or copper in this case) and that ATA's duel solution will come up trumps - we all know CF is scalably more effective than the nvid list (30% - wtf!)
    Ryan Adds
  20. I don't believe much of that article....

    256-bit bus on a card like that?!?
    I think not...
    I certainly wouldn't be interested in one of those over my GTX or over an ultra....
    I bet it draws a mega amount of watts as well....
  21. now on we would need 2 psus for a pc--one for the rest of the stuff and one for the its gonna hog power.
  22. This thing looks like a baby's coffin.
    The article is just too vague.
  23. sunny27 said:
    now on we would need 2 psus for a pc--one for the rest of the stuff and one for the its gonna hog power.

    If it wanted that much power they would simple inculde an external jack so you could power it from the wall.
  24. i agree that the card being a 8800GX2 would make much more sence, unless the geforce 9 architecture has crazy heat problems...
  25. If it has a 256 bit mem bus then its as worthless as all the other new cards that have come out lately. You see how far they have to clock the cores on these things to make up for the crappy memory bandwidth.
  26. yeah I thought the 9800GX2 is 2x 8800GT on a dual PCB. In that Pic I see only one PCB.
  27. Maybe the specs are so out of whack because they looked at the actual numbers and asked themselves "If we published this, would anybody believe us?"

    If it is a GeForce 9 it probably has a fusion reactor in it or something.
  28. I hate this trend of releasing a die shrinked gpu as a new generation (38xx, 98xx) They need to stick with the current generation name and call this an 8800gx2. save 9xxx for the next real generation.

    "If it wanted that much power they would simple include an external jack so you could power it from the wall."

    I LOVE that idea. I'm all for taking the GPU out of the PSU equation.
  29. Quote:
    check it out, Nvidias roadmap [...] VzaWFzdA==

    30% increase is not that much but i think there making it a 9*** series card because by looking at the road map nvidia is gonna be releasing a lot of cards next year and if they kept the 8*** name it will be more confussing.

    i wonder if a problem in perfomance increase has to due with the pcie slot it could be bottle necking this card. mabey these cards are way ahead of computer technology like motherboard, processor, harddrive ect.

    in the article it said "The expected price: around $449 US. Expected announcement date: February 14, 2008."

    for this price i think the card would be a great buy and i would buy it in a second

    ???is there any proof that this card is real???

    nvidia or evga does not have any news on this on there websites
  30. The bottleneck is in the software. By software I mean drivers. PCIe is by no means a bottleneck.
  31. nV loves messing up the their cards names
  32. cal8949 said:

    ???is there any proof that this card is real???

    nvidia or evga does not have any news on this on there websites

    it wont be on until launch, but toms has it on the site so its pretty reliable.

    so who else hopes ATI blind sides Nvidia with the R680/R700 and pounds them into oblivion as retribution for raping the video card market?
  33. If the suggested price is $449, we can expect the retail prices to be around $500-$600.

    Is it worth it? Yes, compared to the 8800 Ultra.
  34. i hope amd and ati can start pumping out some good stuff. intel and nvidia has the whole market and they can rape us in prices :cry: :cry: :cry:
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