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I recently bought the XFX 780i mobo, thought i wanted to improve my computer abit :sol: Anyways, i slapped the mobo in and mounted my E8500 Wolfdale 3,16GHz and the rest of the stuff. Before doing anything els i flashed the newest bios version and everything worked perfectly weee :) I used the computer for about two weeks when in knowtist that it was actually abit slow, i ran CPU-Z and was kinda chocked, the CPU mulitiplier was set to 6... which means 333 x 6 = 2000~ so i was missing about 1166~ mhz :heink: I went to bios and correct, the multiplier was set to 6, so i changed the value to 9,5 which should give the correct mhz (333 x 9.5 3.16~). I restarted the computer and everything went smooth, the post, vista startup, everything... then i ran CPU-Z again and it tells me my multiplier is 6.0 > 2000MHz.. and then 5 secs after it switches to 9.5 > 3.166~... and it keeps swithing back and forward every few seconds... :fou: Time to worry or is it just CPU-Z doin funny stuff?

Thank you for your time :)

Computer Specs:
Vista Ultimate-64bit
XFX 780i Tri-SLI
Intel E8500 Wolfdale 3.16~
Corsair XMS2 800DDR2 4GB
Zotac 8800GT AMP!
WD Raptor 150GB x2 (RAID0)
Thermaltake 750W Toughpower
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  1. Nope nothing is wrong, the motherboard simply will lower the multiplier to 6 when the cpu is not being used very much, such as sitting in your desktop or surfing the web. This is to keep your computer nice and cool and reduce the power draw, saving you money :).

    What you need to do is go download prime 95 and run that, and then check the speed in cpu-z and it should show it at 3.16ghz.
  2. Is that the Intel SpeedStep feature thats doing it or is it a motherboard fearture?
  3. Ya, it is the Intel SpeedStep, couldn't think of the name off hand.
  4. See thats weird because im 110%!!!!! sure it was disabled :) Actually think its disabled by default on alot of "overclocker" mobo´s. Anyway, it is disabled :/
  5. Test it by running a high CPU load and see if it stays at the 9.5X mutliplier.
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