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My computer keeps losing internet connection everytime i reboot. It also changed the theme from Windows XP to Windows classic. The programs have been running extremely slow. I have tried to search for solutions but I can't find any. Can anyone help?
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  1. Most likely an automatic MS update has changed the settings of the computer, or corrupted the system files. This happens quite often. From what you describe, it's not a virus.
    click start
    click all programs
    click accessories
    click system tools
    click system restore
    check the box that says: restore my system to an earlier date
    click next
    select a bold date on the calendar, a date before the problem started
    click next
    follow directions to restore system
    System restore does not affect your personal files, and is reversible, you can go forward or back at any time.
    It merely removes the offending changes to the software and system files of the computer.
    when restore has completed, restart computer
    if problem was not fixed, if system would not restore, repeat above using an even earlier date
    system will be set back to a time before the MS update corrupted the settings or system files.
  2. I am having the exact same problem - system restore doesn't work... I get my internet connection back, but as soon as I reboot it's gone again.
  3. I had the same problem and solved it after hours of working on it. Here's what you do.

    Click start menu
    Right click on my computer
    Click manage
    Click services and applications
    Click services
    Scroll down to Wireless Zero Configuration.
    Click on wireless zero configuration
    Set to automatic
    Click apply
  4. Must say thanks for this post. Been going crazy for days with problem of lost connection which could not retrieve even by re-inserting my ISP login in details, only way I could get connection was by doing system restore. Now fixed :bounce:
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