Can XP sp2 run under my Geforce 2 mx200? with my new pc?

Ok im not bonkers, its just that I had a 6800gt AGP card blow up when my pc got some nasty shocks from the wall outlet. anyway it died and its ruined alot of my current pc, which i will be upgrading, the stuff should arrive tomorrow. But to save $250 that i simply do not have I pklan to use my VERY old Geforce 2 MX200 that I found in a box, the reason Im hoping it works is that its a PCI card and the new MOBO will obv only have PCIe and PCI, so the question is, can I run winxp and various programs (not games) for maybe 2 weeks?

I checked and the card is able to do xp ok but that was when xp came out, with all the upgrades and add ons is xp needing more than this now adays. Will this do? Thanks
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  1. Yeah it'll work.
  2. it'll do. your motherboard should switch from pci-e to pci as the video bus when it sees it.
  3. Yep, I still keep my 32 mb PCI card around to troubleshoot
  4. i had a TNT 2 in a machine with SP2 :)
  5. Not sure about SP 2, but I had XP SP 1 running on my ATI All in Wonder 128, Celeron 500, 192 megs of ram once upon a time.
  6. ok cool thanks guys
  7. I justed installed XP on an old TNT 8MB card. It runs with no problems.
  8. yup i had a riva TNT2 16mb card run quake III with XP.
  9. yes, i played halo on windows xp with that card :(
  10. wow...
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