Newby Trying to Repartition C:

Recently, I installed WindowsXP and partitioned too small (system), I lack the room to install all drivers, virus protection, Intenet browser, capiche?
Total size of local disk C: = 78.4 with 1.KB free space
I also have an extended hard drive 465GB was 500GB, some how a 2nd local disk F: was created by the backup system.
local disk F:=148GB with 143GB free space)

What I think is the easiest thing to do is to re-install Windows. But there is not enough memory to do so. Should I uninstall enough programs so I can reinstall?

I have tried the transfer wizard and save the files under my computer in a new folder with the intent of saving 411 to a CD to boot from. I tried to rebootbut I get an error

I also have back up on extended HD.

Any ideas before I make a very bad mistake?
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  1. You are correct that a re-install of Windows is the best thing to do.

    Run setup again. At the screen that ask where you want to put Windows, you can delete any and all partitions.
    Delete all partitions and then have setup make new partitions. You have a decent size drive there so be generous with what you allocate to Windows or you will have a new install and not enough room left to install programs.
    With your drive, Windows should get about 50 GB (50,000,000KB) to exist in.

    Good Luck
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