Is the EVGA 7200GS 256mb worth buying?

Hey everyone,

I was offered a EVGA nVidia GeForce 7200GS 256MB on board, (512MB Supporting) for $20 and I wanted to know if it's even worth taking? I currently use my Gateway Onboard Video which is Nvidia 6100 and I play games like HL2, Bioshock, and Call of duty 4. I know those are top notch games but I'm surprised my 6100 handles it at ultra low everything. would the $20 video card make a difference? Is it worth it?
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  1. both arent meant to play new games. i think it'll only make a slight difference. just save up for a decent mid-range card or you can get a 8400gs for about 20 bucks or less after a rebate.

    my 8400gs oc@670/430 only averages about 15-20fps in call of duty 4 and bioshock when the setting are settings are high at 800x600 or low at 1024x768. i regret buying it, i shouldve gotten a used 7600gt or something but then i dont play games much.
  2. I don't think It'll make much of a diference but for $20 its probobly worth it. Whats the rest of your system specs?
  3. If you can afford it this might be your best option, but its $70
  4. AMD Athlon 3500+, 2 gigs of ram (simple non brand sticks 4x512),Win XP,Onboard 6100, 300watt Bestec psu.

    Here's link

    Either I buy and use it for gaming just a bit better or buy and sell to make profit and make it go towards better GPU?

    Thank you for all your replies.

    I'm also extremely tight on budget.

    I also want to point out that I have no problem playing my games on super low everything because thats all I've played...I was looking towards buying a 8400GS because I read on newegg reviews that it handled Crysis... I can imagine it a low everything but thats okay with me
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