What temperature should my MB run at?

I just built a new PC and i installed Asus PC Probe and it says that my motherboard is at 40C and it has a warning next to it. Is this too hot and is this why it has a warning?
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  1. Seems a little high - which Asus MB - usually you can find this type of information on the internet if you punch you MB model and "operating termperature" into Google. I run an MSI K8N Neo 4 Platinum and the "system temp" is typically 30-34 deg C but can get up to 38 if the room gets hot. Usually my CPU runs at 38-47 deg C again depending on the room temp and the program I have just been running. Prime95 is good for putting everything under load to get an idea of the upper limits
  2. Its the X38 maximus forumula. Nothing is overclocked so why is it running so high?
  3. My Asus P5W DH board runs at about 40 with stock speeds, where my P5K-E runs at 30 when overclocked about 25%... Who can figure? I just killed the warnings, and went on with my life... :)

  4. It is a bit hot, mine stays between 32-37°, but it happened it went over 40°, like while I'm playing COD4 or WIC.

    Do you have sufficient cooling in your case? If not, correct this and you'll be OK.
  5. X38 is a very full-featured high-end chipset, so it will tend to run hot, whihc is probably what is causing the high motherboard temperatures. My P5B-Plus(P965 chipset) is at 36c idle right now, so your temps aren't anything to be worried about.
  6. Asus probe is also extremely prone to inaccuracy.
  7. Now Asus Probe is saying my MB is at 47C, NB is at 46C and SB is at 49C. Dont know what SB or NB are.
  8. 27c average on my 8watt or so AMD 770 chipset. The new nvidia chipsets can use up to 45watts. More power in-more heat out.
  9. Bidybag said:
    Now Asus Probe is saying my MB is at 47C, NB is at 46C and SB is at 49C. Dont know what SB or NB are.

    North Bridge

    South Bridge

    NB, depending on the cpu platform does several things. Ties the video to cpu, runs the memories (Intel) OR simply ties them to cpu (AMD).

    SB, does things like the sata and raid built on mobo, USB ports etc.

    There are COMBO chips too where NB and SB ar eone called single chip solution. Those WILL run hotter of course and the SB temps will be higher then on a two chip one.
  10. Now the SB is running at 50, NB at 50 and MB at 47. It isnt getting any better and i am not even on a game, i just have the internet open. My CPU is using 21.29 watt it says.

    Shouldnt my temperature be a lot cooler concidering i am not even doing anything?
  11. Start googling, start reading. You'll figure it out.
  12. Do you have good case ventalation GOOD I mean flow. I have one 120mm that works better in my setup then the 8 80mm fans I had and I cant even hear that fan run its turned down so low. CFMs dont mean better cooling. Read into case cooling your best bet is to have a SIDE panel fan that is large like 120mm or more and running slow. It will force air at the chipset and ram plus give cpu and video fresh air to use. Makes a HUGE difference in all temperatures. These passive heat sinks are made for impinging air flow of which there is NONE in most cases without a fan on side (how could it, the air has to blast AT the sink not just by it).

    Full feature used to mean hot running chipset but not AMDs I can tell you that. ITs got a ton of features and way less heat. Reason is it is a 65nm chipset Nvidia are what 130nm? Newest is 90nm I think on nvidia. Even the AMD 4 slot crossfire chipset isnt that hot. This 770 (single pci-e 2)is the lowest wattage of them all. In games it gets near 30c I seen it hit 32c once. My nvidia chip (NB and SB in one) on biostar T550 ran 32c idle! Nvidia chips are hot.
  13. I have the Coolermaster Cosmos 1000 which is suppose to be one of the coolest and best cases around.
  14. The SB shouldn't get that hot, there's a reason they have tiny heatsinks on them. I recokn ASUS Probe is being itself. Try speedfan, it may tell a different story.
  15. Tried speedfan. Same temperatures.
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