overclocking my p4 (socket 478) on a HP v1.1 BIOS

I am very very new to the overclocking scene! In fact I don't even know where to really start. So please give me a hand. Thanks.
My CPU is a Northwood Intel P4 2.4 ghz Socket 478 mPGA core voltage or around 1.5.
Motherboard is a H-P 085Ch with a v1.10 BIOS
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  1. I'm pretty sure HP, Dell, Lenovo, Compaq, etc you can't overclock those motherboards as they ship without the overclocking features in the bios, but i think there are some mods you can do to the mobo to overclock them.
  2. thanks, ill check back in a bit then
  3. i can say that you cant overclock on it.because OEM's BIOS is locked for reasons. bad luck.get another system or get another motherboard to swap the system in. I recently OCed my P4 HT to 3.4Ghz.
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