Is my power supply defective?

I don't really not how to phrase this. I just got a new silverstone 700 watt power supply

Now on a bunch of the pins there are random silver metal(i guess) coatings missing. Its a modular power supply. but for an example the 6 pin connector that goes into my graphics card 5 of the 6 pins have the silver coating but 1 of them doesnt. Also I have one modular both 8 pins each side one has all 8 of the silver inside the black outter coating if you can call it that but one is missing one of the silver coating inside. in fact most of the ones that go into my power supply are missing 1 or 2 silver coatings usually on the ends or not. Is this normal or should I be concerned? I'm using the power supply not just got it with my new 8800 gts 512?

Please advise/ THanks
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  1. Take a photo so it's easier to see what you mean. I haven't got much of an imagination :lol:
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