What is DirectSearchFrame createTBO_IE:Object required?

I am getting an error message that reads 'DirectSearchFrame.createTBO_IE: Object required' and then after I click ok it tells me 'DirectSearchFrame.init:'this._mYTBSetting'is null or not an object. What does that mean and how can I fix it?
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  1. hi gabi
    im running a different os but i hope it can help u. depending on your computer skill i can sorta run u thru it .
    in not quite sure why those errors occur but i believe its a bad file or damaged bho (browser helper object) that is conflicting with page/site .
    this is what i did to make my error go away:
    first of all i disabled my web browser(IE)8 accelerators (live, bing. yahoo)
    uninstalled the toolbars.. ALL of them. (just in case one didnt do the trick)
    basically resetting my browser to default. (no toolbars no accelerators)
    u can reinstall.. one toolbar at a time and see if it works

    if u dont want to uninstall all your toolbars try this:
    u can go to "tools" and then "manage addons" and disable them there.
    but not guaranteed one or more files are active and cause the error to reapppear.

    reinstalling the internet explorer wont work (tried it)-- its in the accerators and toolbars causing the page error. im no expert but i have over 20years messing with these things

    goodluck :D
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