new build not booting

here are my system specs

Hiper 580W power supply
2GB Corsair XMS2 667
Maxtor 250GB
Intel E4500
XFX Geforce 7900GT
Gigabyte GA-P31-DS3L

the processor and the mobo are new, all other components from my old system.

i built the system today, and when i pressed the start button the cpu fan sort of kicked and span a little and then stopped, the graphics card fan and the psu are working but there is no display on the screen, there dont seem to be any error codes either

i have tried different ram configs etc, at a bit of a loss here
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  1. Have you pluged the 4/8pin CPU power in?
    Is the CPU and HSF seated correctly (best installing before mounting)
    Clear CMOS
    Try different PSU (if you can)

    Has the mobo/case have a speaker to report any errors?
  2. Try reseating all the components - i.e. the expansion cards, but particularly the memory. I had this problem recently on a new build. It turned out that one of the memory sticks wasn't seated correctly.
  3. ok so heres a thing, i just cleared the cmos and the cpu fan now works.

    unfortunately nothing to the monitor yet tho, its strange that im gettin no error codes from the pc speaker
  4. thanks guys but i have tried reseating everything and even dug out an old power supply and tried that but still no signal on my monitor

    could this be a bios problem perhaps?

    i should mention that the hardrive has the installation of windows from my last system, could this affect the system in some way?
  5. Try one stick of ram til you get in bios and double check ram timings and voltage.. After you pull one stick out reset cmos and unplug psu. If it dont work try the other stick reset cmos unplug psu.

    Also try differeny slot combos with the one stick each time resetting cmos and unplugging.
  6. ok ive tried all the ram combinations, no luck

    looking at the gigabyte website it looks like my modules arent on their supported list, could this be it?
  7. Yup. It could very well be. Did you reset cmos and unplug psu every time?
  8. i did yeah

    since everything is powering up but im gettin nothing to my monitor is it very likely to be a ram issue?
  9. Ya. Pull out all of the ram. Do you hear a beep?
  10. Do you have the 4 pin cpu power plugged in as well as the 20/24 pin.

    One other thing I can think to try is to take out your mobo from the case and make sure its not shorting in the case.

    Assemble it on a phonebook or some thing and see what happens.

    Also when you try this. Take everything off the mobo including the cpu. After you got a bare mobo reset the cmos on only the mobo nothing else pluggged in. Assemble on phonebook and see if it powers up.

    Did you use the brass standoffs to mount the mobo, and the paper washers?
  11. ok so i took all of the ram out and got the beep so the case speaker is working

    yup defo have all power connectors in

    i have standoffs in but my case doesnt have support for two of the holes, the paper washers are all on the screws that are in

    will try the complicated suggestion tomorrow, its 00.30 here nd im tired and cranky and will likely break something!
  12. Which case do you got I want to look it up. Which ones dont have support? This might be your problem. Either this or ram incompatibility.
  13. its a cheap case, a copy of a nzxt summat or other

    its the two screws in the right corners of the mobo that arent in

    i have a feelin this may be ram ****
  14. Is the motherboard grounding anywhere?
  15. ok i just took the whole thing apart and put it all back together again, case is defo not shorting anything, the fans spin up, no error codes, nothing on the monitor

    i am seriously ready to kick the thing to bits
  16. Did you assemble outside the case?
  17. Ram is cheap. Get some that is on the QVL and try that. If that doesnt do it buy a chep graphic card at Walmart to test with. Keep the reciept and take it back after testing.
  18. ok so im going to buy some of this stuff

    v cheap and its on the gigabyte list so no excuses now.....
  19. if i do assemble outside of the case do i need to attach a HDD? and should i just plug straight into monitor and short the power button pins?
  20. Try with just 1 stick ram, video, cpu, and short it to get it going. If that dont work go get a 1g or 512 meg stick of ram from the QVL and try that. If ram from the QVL dont work, then try a different pci-e card.
  21. ok thanks v much mate, i'll let u know how it goes
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