Possible New Build - Opinions welcomed !

Hello Guys,

Going to build myself a new PC within the next 3 months and have been reading this board most nights to get my self ready, my choice of componants change daily.

I see that the Zalman CNPS 9700 LED is a fairly popular CPU cooler, whilst reading about it I came across the 9700 NT which has a PWM fan when coupled with the right motherboard the fan speed is variable to keep the CPU at a target temp. Ideally I want to keep my rig a little quieter than the one I have now, so I like the Idea that if I'm reading Tom's forum that the BIOS will back the CPU fan speed right down but crack it up if I'm gaming. Does anyone have this cooler and whould they recomend it. I intend to fit it in a Antec P182 with an ABit IP35 any known issues there ?

If I was to build today this would be my choice of main componants, am I heading in the right direction?:-

Computer will be used for gaming, not a massive gaming fan but play the odd one or 2 and general tinkering, my current build is nearly 5 years old so I'd like my new one to be a little future proof. I intend to overclock to the maximum I can get the CPU, not too sure if I'll play with memory settings but will give it a go.

Case - Antec P182
PSU - Corsair HX520 520 Watt (Teir 2)
Motherboard - Abit IP35
CPU - Intel Q6600 (but will go for a Yorkfied 45nm when there out)
Ram - 4 GB Corsair XMS 2 (Not sure exactly which one yet).
Video - Geforce 8800GT
Hard Drive - Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 x 2
Sound Card - Not sure yet but a cheapo Soundblaster or is onboard sound as good ?
DVD RW - Will probably reuse my IDE DVD-RW DL if not buy a Sata one.

If I install 4GB ram with Vista 32bit will this cause any problems, I know that all the memory will not be used but it's going to be easier to buy 2x2GB than 2x1Gb and 2x512MB=3GB


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  1. Go ahead and get a SATA drive, Around $30. I'd give the on board sound a try, haven't used an Abit board but most new boards have decent sound. Good luck
  2. Looks good as above, get a SATA ODD less cable clutter in the case. Use the onboard for now if you dont like it splurge later.
    If you are fine with not using all the memory then 2x2 will be great. Note though some have been having problems installing with that much in. So if you can install Vista remove one stick install then put the other stick back in.
  3. Take a look at a P35-DS3L/R. These boards are cheap, but solid (literally, All solid Caps. :) ) and have great OC options. Every thing else looks good. All the choices are solid. I guess you did your research well. :D .
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