8800gt performance on my system

i was simply wondering if i would notice a difference in performance of my games by simply upgrading my graphics and power supply. The 8800gt would replace the 6600 i have currently and i would get a ocz 600w gaming power supply

AMD Athlon 3800+ duel core processor
ocz stealth 600w power supply (instead of 500w)
8800gt graphics (instead of 6600)
1gb ddr ram

would i notice a big increase playing games such as call of duty 4? Or would the processor and 1gb of ram bottleneck the card to the point of it not being worth upgrading (cpu mobo etc upgrade is not viable)
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  1. oh also would the 600w psu be enough or would an 800w be advisable
  2. Yes
    Get another 1GB ram-cpu fine
    Depends on the 12v amps
    22 absolute minimum
    26+ good amount
  3. I had a similar setup. A 7900gs, and 420watt psu were replaced with the 8800gt and a 500watt psu. I saw a huge increase in performance in COD4.
    I can play at 1280x1024 with all setting on, textures at high, AA/AF off, and get an average of 60fps. I've seen it drop to 30 during some of the large outdoor scenes, but, it was still smooth, IE: no stuttering. The 6600 you have is the bare minimum to play the game so you will see a bigger increase than me, but will have roughly the same fps. Like the above poster said, get another 1GB of ram, it will greatly benefit your system.
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