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Acer Restore Failed using CDs

Hi, I wanted to sell my acer travelmate 4500 laptop and although it was running well I decided to set it back to factory setting. Tried Alt +F10 as per manual but it would not do anything. I did do the factory reset on this laptop about 18 months ago using Alt + F10 and it worked fine. Anyway, it wouldn't do anything ( I checked the bios and it was enabled) so I did the recovery using the discs supplied by acer. First I had to set the bios to boot from cd. All went well except that when I finished the laptop is now stuck in a loop. The windows screen starts to open then says " Fatal Error Windows is unable to start because the registry could not be updated. Windows must now shut down". I have checked that the bios has been put back to start from hard drive.

I have tried redoing the recovery from the acer discs but the first disc (system disc) justs says it is completing setup - the first time it started the recovery then I had to use 2 more discs (recovery discs) then finish with the system disc to finish the setup.

The laptop is running windows XP. I only have the acer discs. They did not supply a proper windows XP disc. I have an XP disc for a different PC could I use that disc to repair this one. Any advice please.
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    Take a look in this article:
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