How do I compare an Intel chip to an Nvidia card?

I'm trying to compare the graphics capabilities of two computers:

1. Intel 82945G Express Chipset Family
2. Nvidia GeForce 6200

I've seen the table comparing Nvidia to ATI, but never anything on Intel stuff.
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  1. A rule of thumb is that any add-on card is an improvement over onboard graphics (i.e. Intel onboard), unless you compare very old cards.
  2. The thing is, the computer with the Intel chip is new. And the one with the Nvidia GeForce 6200 is old (6200 is what.... 3-4 years old?)
  3. Geforce 6200 is still considerably better. Like blacken said, any add on card is an improvement unless it is really old.
  4. ^Agreed
  5. Sure, the GeForce 6200 is better than the Intel IGP, but that doesn't mean it's any good. What do you need to use it for? If you're looking to game with it, don't expect any miracles. If you don't game, then either one is fine.
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