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Joined a disk in a raid, DM is saying unallocated.

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December 1, 2008 4:05:11 AM

After spending hours backing up files from our raid server and keeping them tidy, I was able to upgrade the raid HDD's from 500gbs to 1TB drives.
I have 6 x 1TB @ raid10 and it's good. Now, I'm starting to put the files back on the new raid. I had added an e-sata 'raid' card to the servers PCI slot to speed up the xfer process.

I hit a brick wall; after the 1st e-sata hdd was done xfering over to the raid, I decided that I should be able to plug the next hdd in the enclosure and keep xfering with the e-sata.
So, I powered the unit off after safely removing etc. Put the new disk in, powered it on and the esata raid util recognized it. I went ahead and ‘created raid’ so it would be in the loop. It was recognized, but under disk management the space for this drive was un allocated. I fear initializing it because data loss is not good. So, I took it out of the raid and just plugged it in USB, went to true crypt to mount it and it seems there isn’t any active partitions on it ?? I never formatted or initialized it. So, I’m guessing the esata raid util wrote over the FAT so windows can’t see data?
I know there has to be a way to recover this, as I didn’t do anything extreme.

I’m really concerned,

Thank you.

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December 1, 2008 7:45:27 AM

Why did you try to add the extra drive to a RAID array? If you are trying to restore saved data, you just attach the drive to the Esata connection and it should show in DM. By configuring it in RAID you have overwritten the drive header. You need to try some data recovery software to restore the original setup.

December 1, 2008 2:22:58 PM

This e-sata card that I picked up only seems to allow e-sata through its raid util. So I had formatted a fresh TB drive and started backing up to it n/p, then put the data back n/p.
Could you recommend any software?