Alot of weird problems

I just recovered my XP SP3 from a system error that involvrd an infinfite reboot loop. Fixed using a windows 7 cd check disk system. :love:

Anyway after that my computer started up fine and worked but then wierd problems started to happen.

Sound doesnt work at all (from speakers to USB headset.) even though its detected in control panel>sound and audio devices. Nothing on sound appears in the system tray, I can't change the sound from control panel because its all greyed out.

Second thing, no active software appears on the taskbar. And when you minimize it, the only way to bring it back is to alt+tab it or go on control panel and click switch to. Ive tried the kelly's korner fix but all that did was make them minimized under the task bar so they were just a tiny cube with the three exit, minimize and maximize and the restore button. It just doesnt want to be fixed.
Third thing when I right click on something, I can click copy cut and all that. But when I right click elsewhere, paste is greyed out. Even when I select and rightclick-drag, the menu doesnt pop up.

I don't have any XP system cd to reinstall from, but I do have a windows 7 ultimate cd but I would prefer to keep this computer as XP.

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  1. Sounds like your system files got pretty messed up somehow. I know you don't currently have an XP disc but with the amount and variation of your issues, an OS repair or fresh installation from the disc would likely be the only thing that would do anything to fix the problem.

    Did you purchase your computer from a namebrand like Dell or HP? If so you can always call them and request that they send you another installation disc. This may cost you $10-$20. You'll likely need to provide them with the serial number or service tag to do this.

    If you did not purchase this computer from a namebrand, your only other option would be to procure a disc elsewhere. Keep in mind that your license key is what's worth money, NOT the disc itself, so you're really not doing anything illegal by downloading an installation disc to use with your existing license key.

    Speaking completley hypothetically here, if one were in need of an installation disc, they could always go to a certain bay of pirates and search for the .iso for their version of windows and look for just the disc itself, without any cracks that may or may not exist for said operating system. Hypothetically speaking of course.
  2. Thanks for your feedback.

    I would rather use system re-install as a last resort. I custom built my computer so I probably cant call any help center plus they are so troublesome.

    So I would rather try to fix the errors manually.

    But thanks for your ideas, I'll keep it in mind. ;)
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