Need some help with ASUS Striker Extreme @ Intel Core 2 Quad 6600 (G0)

A few days ago, I broke my P5N32-E SLi. Or it more broke itself, but anyway now I’ve got a ASUS Striker Extreme while I consider what to do next.

And all my experience with the P5N32-E SLi tells me that the latest BIOS available at the ASUS FTP site is not the most stable and best BIOS to use, for me the 1203 was the best for P5N32-E SLi and therefore I wonder which BIOS you would recommend for Striker Extreme?
Is 1303 for Striker Extreme the “same” as 1203 for P5N32-E SLi? (Thought there was some kind of system, as Striker Extreme and P5N32-E SLi got more or less identical layout and BIOS)

Would that make the 1303 the best suited BIOS for me to run with a Q6600 (G0)?
Does anyone have any idea where I can download 1303 as it’s not on ASUS FTP site anymore?

Another thing is that my P5N32-E SLi was a really bad board, I don’t mean that the P5N32-E SLi itself is that bad (or well it is) but my specific board was never any good. I couldn’t get my Q6600 (G0) stable at 3.0GHz, not even my old E6600 would run stable at 3.0GHz, and I’ve tried with different memory cards etc.. So my conclusion is that my old P5N32-E SLi has been kind of broken for a long while, as it’s impossible to get anything stable on it. Even with all on stock Prime95 would fail after a few minutes, perhaps even grant me a nice bluescreen-of-death.

And I know I should be able to get at least my E6600 to a stable clock of 3.0GHz with EASE, so clearly something was bad with that board. So now am going to test how it works with this Striker Extreme board. First of all, as I already mentioned I need to know which BIOS that is best suited for my Q6600 (G0) and secondly I could need a few tips on what settings to run to make a decent stable overclock.

My specifications are:
ASUS Striker Extreme (with that funny little chipset fan)

Intel Core 2 Quad 6600 (G0)
4x Crucial PC8500 1066MHz 5-5-5-15 @ 2.1V 1024MB DDR2 RAM
MSI GeForce 8800GTS 640MB overclocked through BIOS flashing
Noctua NH-U12F heatpipe with 2x aggressive 120mm Papst fans
Lian-Li PCV1200B cassis with 3x fans
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  1. I have an E6850 @ 3.5Ghz with a Striker Extreme using my favorite 1305 bios. You may need to take your RAM higher than 2.1v.
  2. I have the lastest 1504 bios update for the striker extreme and it works perfectly. I do suggest you flash your bios instead of updating from within windows using the bios updating software.

    Also set your bios to default settings.
  3. I always use the EZFlash tool or AWDFLASH when flashing the BIOS, currently it got 1504 so I guess I'll stick with that, at least for now.

    Currently I use Auto settings, and SLi 0% overclock on my Crucial RAM.
    The thing I find odd is that I get errors in Prime95, even on stock settings?

    The same thing happened on my P5N32-E SLi as well, same thing when I had E6600 on P5N32-E with 4x Kingston 533MHz sticks, and now it also happens with Striker Extreme, 4x Crucial sticks and Q6600?

    I'm not that into Prime95, but I know that a stable system should pass every test, right? So on stock settings all system should pass all the test, or something is wrong?

    I've checked with Memory Diagnostic Tool and Memtest86+ and there seems to be nothing wrong with the RAM, but still Prime95 fails? On stock settings?

    When I had my old P5N32-E, E6600 and the Kingston 533MHz RAM I though the reason for Prime95 failing was the RAM, as they got errors in Memtest86+. But what could be the reason now?

    It handles the "Small FFTs" test perfectly without any issues (ran through the night), but the "In-Place Large FFTs" and "Blend" test fail to get anywhere, I just get the "Hardware failure" detected at once?
  4. You don't need to run Large FFTs, it's pointless since it doesn't help you determine what is wrong.

    Running blend test first, it this fail and you know it's not the cpu, then it's most likely the ram. Passing Memtest means your ram is good, but not necessarily stable. You are running auto settings, which does not mean stock settings for ram. Tweak it manually until it is indeed the rated settings.
  5. That's why I've activated the SLi memory thing, which is supposed to grant the memory their default settings of 1066MHz @ CL5 and that's what the BIOS says when booting.
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