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I'm after some memory. I've narrowed my choices down to the following:
- Corsair 2GB Kit (2x1GB) DDR2 800MHz PC2 6400 XMS2 Memory Non ECC Unbuffered CL5(5 5 5 12) - TWIN2X2048 6400
- OCZ 2GB Kit (2x1GB) DDR2 800MHz PC2 6400 CL 4 4 4 15 PLATINUM XTC - OCZ2P800R22GK

Both are exactly the same cost. I'm wondering what would be the best in terms of performance and reliability. I've used Corsair before with no problems but i've not really heard of OCZ. Are they any good as a brand, reliable/good warranty? I don't really game or OC. I've read on this site that the performance benefits of faster timings for everyday tasks is next to neglectable, therefore i'm tending towards the Corsair (i also use Crucial but they are significantly more expensive for the above specs, even their value RAM). What do you guys think?

Thanks for any input!
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  1. OCZ has a lifetime warranty in case your RAM fails or doesn't live up to spec. If it beats the Corsair warranty then go for it, otherwise I don't really see any noticeable difference if the price is the same.
  2. Corsair is lifetime plus it has forums for help, and ramguy is there to help with problems. For that reason I go corair. To be able to talk to a tech and GET a response in a day is key to me.
  3. I like MrsBytch's choice here. I used to use only Corsair, but I have been using Patriot memory for last few rigs. Good price and fast timings, and have been pretty happy with it.
  4. Xtreeme said:
    Corsair is lifetime plus it has forums for help, and ramguy is there to help with problems. For that reason I go corair. To be able to talk to a tech and GET a response in a day is key to me.

    Corsair is awesome to deal with and their Ram is very good quality.

    If I could offer a choice outside of that, i would say to go with crucial since they are where all the other guys get their chips, unless they are assembling cheapo chips.

    I have one machine running crucial ballistix tracer dimms and they come with micron chips and for being pc6400 cl4 and clocking up to 1066+ they are the way to go IMO.

    There is VERY little difference between cl4 and cl5 that anyonw would ever notice. this is also not to mention how if you are going to overclock you are not going to be able to retain the cl4 latency at a decent speed anyway. bandwidth owns latency.
  5. Quote:
    OCZ for sure, it has better timings.
    Only reason you would need a help forum or a tech for memory is if your a noob and dont know what your doing.
    All memory manufacturers have lifetime warranties.
    However you cant beat this price, and even better timings.

    Um NO. Your missing My point.....for instance the fact I tried to get RMA from Rosewill never got a reply even after 4 or 5 emails. Asked Kingston once what ALL the ram timings for my ram where at what voltage- the gave me the 4 timings with volts I asked about the other 10 or so timings ram needs set they never replied!!!!! With ramguy you tell him its not working, he says try this and if it fails RMA it. THAT IS PRICELESS to me. I instant response. Im far far from a noob and I still think the forum is key to giving real tech support to the customer. They all should have one with a dedicated tech like corsair.
  6. ^Agreed. They are both about the same. Both OC well but the Corsair might OC a little better. Timing can be set manually so that is not really a problem (4-4-4-15 for both).
  7. Corsair, I've seem to many compatability issues with OCZ. It may be fine, but I wouldn't chance it.
  8. When my Ram modules from OCZ tested with errors, i did an RMA and they sent me back worse memory. That irked me and they'll never gain my trust again
  9. I've mainly used Corsair, but I had a mobo a while back that wouldn't work with Corsair no matter what I tried. I put in a set from OCZ and that worked perfectly. I'd feel comfortable with either brand.
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