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Hey yall,
This would be my 3rd completly new comp (almost) in the past 7 years so im not to exp. with the new stuff and was wondering some things that I was hopeing yall could help me with.
I have/building:
Antec 900 case
Mother board: Intel D975XBX2 Extreme series
RAM: Kingston KHTX6400D2LLK2 ( 2 sticks of 1 GB) HyperX
GPU: ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT (512 MB) DDR3
450W power suply
7200 RPM 320 GB Harddrive
one CD player (have an external DVD writer)
Creative Audigy 4
gettin a Intel Q6600 CPU(Quad) but have a Pent4 2.8 atm.

Well my question/'s is, Do I have enough power with my current power suply?
And what O/C can I do, cause ive never O/C'd before.
And what CPU would be good/Great with what I have set up? besides the Extreme Intel cause I dont have $1k to burn on a cpu.
P.S. this is my first time posting here so be nice plz. ;P
TY very much!
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  1. Q6600 would work well with that system. Need more information on that PSU, Manufacturer/Amperage on 12v rail, etc.

    Also, are you buying that 2600XT or do you already have it? I would go for the ATI 3850 instead, not too much more money and much much better card. I dont know much about that Intel mobo either but I prefer to use Asus or Gigabyte boards, they are known for being pretty good.

    If you want to OC your Q6600, you'll need to buy a heatsink as the Intel one that comes with it wont get you much of an OC. I easily OC'd my Q6600 to 3.2Ghz with my heatsink I bought and the 900 case.
  2. Allready have the 2600xt, was goin to get another to put up the Crossfire after I got it up and running.
    I think, sry, I have StarTech Dual Fan 400 watt high Voltage ATX, Input Voltage (current): 115V (10A) 230V (5.5A). I hope thats the 12v rail, was readin about that last night and still am confused about that, THANK you for replyin!
  3. Is it a gaming build? 2600XT CF is odd. It's not powerful enough for the latest games, but too much for a general build. If you're sure about it, here's a list of CF PSU's:

    It would help if you tell us the usage of this new build.
  4. Ok, so im building a gamer rig like my other ones, dont have ulimitated money as some seem to think I have. LIKE I said dont have 2 GPU's yet so I was seeing if I need to some how find a way to buy a new PSU if I really need it with what I want to do, ty.
  5. bumpiety bump
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