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HTPC - Video Card - For Projector viewing

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January 5, 2008 12:35:02 AM

Hi, I am building a HT PC using a NVIDIA 7600 (512Mb) card, a Gigabyte MoBo with DVI/SPIF output, 1Gb RAM, 800Gb HDD, Gigabit LAN and using DVD X Pro to read DVD (discs and ISO images). All's connected via DVI & SPIF to a Denon HDMI port (Denon 4306) to be switched to a ceiling mounted projector (Mitsubishi HC 5000).

Problem: the contrast & colour are poor - even with the original disc in the PC. No difference with the ISO images (Accessible from server via CAT 6 cabling). About 50% as sharp & bright as with a dedicated DVD player (Denon 1920).

Questions: can this be rectified using a NVIDIA 8800GT card (supposedly the best for HD / Blu Ray viewing)? Should I consider 2x 7600 cards using SLI route? or Am I heading down the wrong track? What should I be doing?

The films look great on a 22" LCD screen. It could be that the screen is too large (96").

Any sage advice would be appreciated. Thanks. Pham
January 5, 2008 1:50:19 AM

With such little info as to your complete OS and video software configuration it can be difficult to give a very good answer as to what benefit upgradeing your video card would give. My first guess would be that the problem is actually in software.
First guess, DVD decoder, i.e. PowerDVD is not set as default decoder. There is a software program from Microsoft that will allow you to choose the "preferred decoder" .


I would try this first because unless you are planning on playing HD or BLUray the video card you have is WAY more than enough.

Good luck
January 5, 2008 2:48:47 AM


I use XP Pro and DVD X Pro to process the DVD (discs and ISO images).

My objective is to project the DVD ISO image (stored on server - for space & access purposes) onto the 96" screen using the DVD X Pro.

As mentioned, the image seen on a LCD screen (up to 22") is perfect.

The problem is when the same image is projected onto the wide screen. My guess is that there is some problem between 22" and 96".

Many thanks, Pham
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January 7, 2008 3:52:46 PM

Have you played around with any of the settings in the Nvidia control panel? Have you tried to adjust the picture settings on the projector itself?
January 7, 2008 5:41:44 PM

Yep. Nvidia control panel will have gamma, brightness, and contrast controls.
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January 7, 2008 5:45:35 PM

My guess it is an issue with your projector. I am not familiar at all with projectors, but if things are displayed fine on your LCD then the video card should not be the probelm.

Did you dim or turn off the lights?
January 7, 2008 6:01:23 PM

Check the "TV" settings in the Nvidia Control panel. I'm pretty sure they give more in depth options designed specifically for such displays.
January 7, 2008 6:53:12 PM

what resolution are you playing back through projector, dont forget DVD is only 720x576 (PAL) 720x480 (NTSC).
on a screen that size you should be playing HD 720p or 1080p