AMD 690G AHCI on 2K3R2

(I don't know that this is a great forum for this, but it seems likelt to get the most relevant exposure...)

As the subject says, I'm interested in configuring AHCI on an AMD 690G machine running 2K3R2 (full disclosure: actually it's WHS, but for this purpose I'm guessing 2K3R2 is Close Enough as a starting place) *after* initial installation. Just setting the BIOS to enable the AHCI causes a quick crash--despite having "installed" the appropriate AMD south bridge drivers. My guess is that the driver for the AHCI wasn't configured/installed since the machine "didn't have" that hardware at installation time since it was set in the BIOS as IDE, not ACHI.

For the Intel/XP environment there is lots of google available on how to work around this.

Configuring AHCI after initial installation on Vista/with Intel ICH9R was a very simple matter and I googled lots of resources with hints as to where to start on this as well.

Anybody got any hints where to begin solving this for the AMD/2K3R2? (Google comes up all but empty on AHCI and 2K3R2...)

Thanks in advance for any help!
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  1. Try to contact AMD. It should be the same way as for Intel, but just send an email to AMD and ask for their support.
  2. hi , i am sorry if you're msg in blurry to me but for you're problem
    i feel its the SB600
    if you are installing vista with it
    you need a hot fix
    install vista with native ide mode then apply the hot fix and reinable the ahci from Microsoft .. read this
    for the hot fix;[LN];1414&from=KBHotfix&WS=hotfix

    i did this with my GA-MA69G-S3H

    hope this will help you
  3. At least for my Windows Home Server running a Gigabyte GA-MA69GM-S2H with an SB600, this was the trick:
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