What speakers should i get for gaming?

I have never bought speakers before so i dont really know what im looking for. I know that i want a 2.1 system and i have been looking at the creative i-trigue range. I know that creative are a good make for speakers.

I will use my speakers for mainly gaming. I have been looking at these:

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  1. Logitech Z-2300s are nice, and better looking IMO.
  2. My Logitech Z4 speaker set sounds quite nice. I prefer a 2.1 system for PC over surround. I'd have nowhere to put 6 speakers in a surround system.
  3. I got 4.1 "surround", if you can call it that. But my speakers are weak.
  4. I bought the logitech g51 5.1 speakers last week,

    Very happy with them for a good price!
  5. I bought the house a new home theater system.

    The old one mysteriously ended up in my litte 'office'. <evil grin>
  6. I went down to china town and picked up a 130watt 5.1 system (real wattage of speakers not amp) for 30 bucks, poor build quality but top notch sound. (after a bit of work lol.)
  7. Consider these too :


    i'd pick altec lansing over creative any day just because of the sound quality.
  8. iam using x-540 but i compile em together in front, well its sound rich :), anyway if you want to do 2.1 buy altec 5021MX, its sounds good.
  9. i had an old sony shelf system that i bought in college. it wasn't quite loud enough for the living room theatre system, but those speakers on my computer desk pointed at my head are freakin' awesome! recycle, reduce, reuse.
  10. Second for the Logitech g51. Got them before christmas been gaming with them since and they kick ass in games !! for music and movies I would say they are average.
  11. I got the logitech z-5300e, for less than $100 at newegg. These things pump out some serious sound... but it lacks optical input... so no surround sound from the xbox360 :(

    Our neighbors complain with the bass turned all the way down.
  12. loud ones
  13. How about a set of good quality wireless earphones?
  14. Wireless Headphones will not give you the same impact as good set of surround speakers. 5.1 Speakers will give you far more impact and quality then any other set of speakers. 4.1 speakers are pointless and practically non existant on the market today esp with consoles and many PC games supporting Dolby Digital Live and 5.1 sound formats.

    Creative Labs or Logtech Speakers are a good bet. Slightly more costly than the average no name brand that comes bundled with a PC but the quality is worth the money. My Creative Inspire 6700s are nearly 4 years old and they are still giving great sound.

    If you only want to spend around £50 then these speakers will be a good bet:

    Creative Inspire T6100 5.1 Speakers


    Logtech X-540 5.1 Speakers


    However, if money is no object then consider these:

    Creative Gigaworks G500 THX 5.1 Speakers


    There is another version of these speakers where the rear speakers are wireless. However I would steer clear of wireless speakers tbh - they are expensive and quality will suffer ever so slightly. Only consider them if the circumstances really warrant them (i.e. your missus doesnt want wires trailing across the living room! :-P)

    Otherwise, Logitech's answer is as follows:

    Logitech Z-5500 THX Certified 5.1 Speaker System


    The more you spend the better the sound quality. I have provided some choice here so now its a matter of how much can you spend.

    Also make sure your sound card is up to scratch. If you play lots of games, especially those with EAX make sure you have at least an Audigy 2 ZS or above. You can have the best speakers in the world but if you are using onboard AC97 audio be it HD or not, then you will seriously create a bottleneck for your speakers.
  15. I bought Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 for my PC. I like them a lot and they are pretty loud.

    Very good quality speakers especially considering they are computer speakers.
  16. Another vote for Klipsch ProMedia. They are very capable speakers, the sub isn't overpowering and the frequency response is stellar. They even make mp3s sound halfway tolerable! :)
  17. great thread i was gonna post the same thing b4 i saw it. what about these speakers?


    their 7.1 and around $90
  18. is their a big difference between 2.1, 4.1, 5.1 and 7.1
  19. Just the number of speakers.
  20. My Klipsch can rock my house out, they can get real loud. :)
  21. Indeed. I have to keep mine around 25% volume most of the time. I bought some nice "super-aural" headphones recently and that allows me to crank the volume. Even at rediculous volume levels, the speakers stay crisp and clean.
  22. I'm interested in hearing some opinions on the 7.1 speakers that thepinkpanter posted about? With the xi-fi Xtreme gamer sound card should I go with a 5.1 or 7.1 for games and HD movies?
  23. As far as I know, 7.1 is the same as 5.1 but with more speakers. Some of the channels are simply cloned and run through multiple speakers.
  24. I personally think the Z5500 is one of the best. It just costs a tad too much @ $200+.
  25. randomizer is half true about 7.1. When listening to Dolby Digital movies or DTS movies, then all 7.1 will do is clone the surround speakers into the extra two back speakers

    However with the advent of Blu Ray and HD DVD movies actually using those extra channels, 7.1 would prove useful. Also EAX Advanced HD sound formats especially on the X-fi gamer would use 7.1 speakers as they use positional audio technologies that are decoded live, especially in games like BF2.

    In short, P7800 and xfi r a gd buy!!
  26. There's Dolby Digital and DTS which are 5.1 + Surround that randomizer trying to explain and as marshahu mentioned there's also True Dolby Digital and True DTS which is going to use for High Definition format.
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