Homemade water cooling Case (DIY Fan Controller)

My home made Transparent Case with home made Water Cooling

Please tell your comments about it.
Rakesh Sharam

AMD Athlon X2 4000+
2-GB DDR2 667
160-250-400 GB Sata HDD
MSI ATI R3450 256MB DDR2 Graphice
Creative 7.1 Audigy Value
Philips TV-Tuner
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  1. Does it leak? :na:

    So, what parts did you use to make it?
  2. No it dont leaked. I have tested it for more than 48hous cont.
    Metal:- Aluminum Northbrige heat sink with acrylic sheet.

    Working fine
    Thanks for your reply.
  3. Thanks for the link on the other thread, I was super confused. Looks nice, good job! Huge tubes!
  4. More Pic of my pc

  5. Looks like a lot of work. Thumbs up for pulling that off.
  6. I dont like a whole lot of transparent stuff, but you made it work very well :) Nice job, and congrats with the success of your home brew water cooling.
  7. Thanks here are few more pics

  8. thanks " Mr. skittle"
  9. What about temperatures? How well does it cool?
  10. The temps can't be that bad. After all, it looks SICK! Something I would probably never be able to do.
  11. I can't see the heat exchanger very well..can you show me some of that?
    Is there a reseviour at all?

    Good work, btw
  12. where is da radiator?i can see them or it?
  13. Nice work. What temps are you getting and were the water blocks CNC milled and lapped?
  14. nice work!
  15. Thanks to all
    As about temp of CPU
    AMD Athlon X2 4000+ @ 2.1Ghz overclocked at 2.9Ghz
    Normal temp = 31 C
    On Ex-load for 2 hours Temp =40 C

    Room Temp = 35 C
    Here is the pic of my radiator & home made pump, Full coper Radiator is from old Oil cooled Machinary from local scrap yard.

    No reseviour used, since my radiator can hold 675ml of coolent.

  16. cpu temp pic
  17. I always love custom jobs as I sometimes custom make my own waterblocks.

    Good job.

    One thing though, am I correct in that you are using a modified aluminum heatsink in your custom CPU waterblock? If so, are you not concerned with galvanic corrosion since you are using a copper rad?
  18. My aluiminium heatsink is having "Silver Flash" coating on it. I am using Non-modified MB-Chipset Heatsink. And accouding to Galvnic table and all galvanic corrosion calculations on these two metals results in a lifetime period of more then 70 years.

    long time..................So no worry of galvanic corrosion.
  19. VERY GOOD RESEARCH!!! I am impressed! Nice clean install on it too!!!
  20. Thanks Mr. Groveling
  21. sweet job.

    digging the stickers =p
  22. Nice...I just finished a set up with an copper racing oil cooler and some clear acrylic radiators. I'll try to get some pics up this weekend after I remount the waterblock on my new 9800gtx.
  23. what kind of pump did you use?
  24. Asking me, or the OP?
  25. The guy that posted the pics.
  26. WOW!!!! That is incredible! I think you must be some sort of genius to design and build something like this!! Not only am i impressed with the cooler, the entire case is a beauty.

    - Hypnotico
  27. Thanks to all.
    AS per espslyxerx2's Question , My pump is made from old printer head motor (HP-640 inkjet) and some plastic molded pumping unit.

    Since in small town like my, it's hard to kind a DC PUMP. so i made it my self. I can pump 20 liters of water in 53 sec. at 12v dc.
  28. I am quite impressed with the ingenuity. Good Job.
  29. ^Also very impressed with the creativity and execution on this. Great ability to use alternate parts instead of buying retail 'box' components. Thumbs up!
  30. Room temp of 35 C???

    And a load of only 40 C in that kind of ambient T??

  31. Mr. Quaduser can you explain why are you asking.
    If your asking about room temperature. I live in Jodhpur, India ,its a hot place average room temp is around 35C. Since i am not having any type of room cooling. Just a room fan. That's it .
    So my pc use to run at very high temp at normal box pack Cpu heatsink and fan, about 65c at normal running.

    This high temp inspired me to do some thing...and you all can see what i came to.

  32. i think he means you only gain 5C increase at load he is surprised!!!:D
  33. OO i see.

    Thanks Mr. iluvgillgill
  34. Man this is awsome, i wish i had the enginuity and skills to make something like this. I love it how u made this from and old raidiaor, printer moter and heatsink, which probably cost you next to nothing; and yet it works as well if not better than something you would pay £150 for! Nice Job
  35. although it looks a bit messy, i admire your creativity, great job!

    maybe ill be on your level one day

    i just compared your pump to several market pumps, and i have to say im impressed!!

    thats approx. 20L (320gph=1211.332Lph) per min for $80, compared to yours which is free! lol great job
  36. hmm not a fan of the acrylic cases sry :( still nice watercooling!!
  37. thanks To Mr. pingu 12, Mr. eklipz330 and V3NOM .

    Well i am planning to update my water cooling kit to CPU and CHIPSET water block made from copper plates i recently got from scrape.

    Time problem... Works as web-developer. Only after job hours for my pc, But Hope to update soon and post new pics soon...

    Thanks to all
  38. lol that was a long response XD looking forward to new pics :P
  39. Here are new updated pic of my rig. With new full copper homemade cpu water block and motherboard water block. with some cable management of fan cable . And side panal fan and power connector brackets.
    hope you like it.

  40. That side case fan contact plate thingy is slick. no forgetting to plug in the fans for you :p
  41. Thanks Nukemaster
  42. hmmm imo if i were in your position i would have made a wooden case with acrylic side panel ^^ just really hate the top and front of acrylic cases. dvd drives r such a turn off lol
  43. Thanks
  44. Resize pics.. OMG this is stoopid to the big pics poster.
  45. I will resize my pics soon.

    Ok dear Mr. Conumdrum
  46. Nice rig!

    One thing I noticed is that the HDD is vertical instead of the usual horizontal setup. Wouldn't that be possibly bad because of the point load it makes on the spindle?

    Also, any plans on adding a dust filter for your intake fans to preserve your nice and clear case?

  47. Well HDD positioning don't effects its working or life.
    And about dust filter it's a good idea. i will think about it.

    anyone using dust filter for intake fans...?
  48. any link for DIY FAN Dust filters
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