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This past weekend I built a system (my first ever build), specs pasted below. It ran perfect for about 3 - 4 days and then all of a sudden went down and it won't come up again. When Power Button is pressed the fan blades move for about half-a-second and then dies. Nothing appears on the Digital POST Display on Motherboard. No beeps absolutely nothing.

I would really appreciate any pointers.


CPU - Q6600
RAM - 8 Gbs (G. Skill 4X2Gb 240 PIN DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1000 (PC2 8000) Dual Channel)
Video - one 8800 GTX now (probably one next year in SLI)
Coolermaster COSMOS
PSU - Thermaltake 750W
HD- 1 x Raptor SATA
Vista 64 bit Home Premium / FSX / Crysis
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  1. I am guessing you have checked all the Power Connectors to the Mobo including the 4 PIN one.

    Or has this been solved already?
  2. As paraffin said, double check all your PSU -> Motherboard connections. (The 4-pin CPU cable is often the culprit for new builds.)

    After that, I would check your Front Panel connections (The power switch, reset button, HDD LED, etc.) and make sure that your PWR SW is on the correct pins.

    You could have it set on the reset button or something. Also, check the CMOS jumper and make sure it isn't set on the reset pins.

    Strictly for installation purposes, you may want to go down to 1-2GB of RAM. I know people have run into issues before installing Vista with more than that.
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