error with ati2dvag, it says the device driver has been caught in an infinate loop it also had this

stop: 0x000000ea (0x827871f0, 0x82c3f4b0, 0xf8b75cb4, 0x00000001)

and the strange thing is if i charge my laptop and use fine but if i use power cord then the blue screen appears

laptop - Pnanasonic CF-52 EKMBDAM
windows - exp pro sp2
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  1. Try to follow the steps in this article:
  2. Make sure that the "Enable power play button is UNCHKECKED in the ATI Catalyst control center......and see if the problem is cool..

    and see this article.
  3. ati2dvag.dll problem basicly means there is some power issues that messed up your hardware, diagnostic of the reason is real pain.I read many articles for possible solutions, nothing helps but the following.->
    My advise is to change your PSU/power charger (for laptops), to see if the problem solves, check the mobo for faulty capacitors, your video adapter too, change cables if you have doubts they may be defective.
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