Uninstall HDD regenerator install wizard on startup

Hey all. Thanks in advance for any help.
After running HDD Regenerator on an external drive with some bad sectors, it seemed to fix that
drive & is usable.
But Now....i cannot get rig of the HDD Regenerator program popping up at startup & every time I turn on
or pluggin an external drive !?!
I have un-installed it, Run CCleaner, deleted everything I can find related to it in the registry, tried
disabling it in the start up menu....but nothing seems to stop this Beast from popping up its
"Install Wizard" & blocking my Hard Drives from opening properly.
Any ideas? Also, Since I used this app...none of my hard drive are accessible via "My Computer"
every time I try to open them....I get the "Command Prompt Window" .
The particular PC I am having the problems with is not virus infected & has Never seen a second on the
internet & has been running perfectly until I installed this HDD Regenerator.
I really hate this little nasty app!!

Thanks for any advise.

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  1. Running:
    XP Pro
    4G Ram
    WD Caviar Blue & Hitachi 1T HDD's
    True Dual Core Pentium CPU
    Gigabyte MB
    Termaltake - P/supply & Case
  2. Try using the windows search function to search for it.
  3. ...yep tried that too. Deleted Everything related to it....still it pops up its install wizard every start up & every time I turn on a hard drive. :fou:
    Its seems to be running under the task manager process as "msiexec.exe " I tried deleting that entry too....no luck!
  4. Try installing the program again. Then use revo uninstaller to remove it.
  5. ...crazy thing is...I installed it again....then rebooted to see what it would do & the same "Install Wizard" pops up as if it was not installed ....but it is!
  6. Try revo uninstaller and see if it will take care of it.
  7. powerful little App that REVO.....deleted everything it found...even in the REG...
    but the Bloody HDD Regenerator Installer still popps up...haunting me....
    laughing at all my attempts to kill it!
    It even pops up when I insert my USB stick...! Crazy! ...I have never seen anything like it before....in over 10yrs of owning PC's.
  8. msiexec.exe is part of the windows installer. That's probably not what's actually running. Download winpatrol. Check the active tasks tab, and try to find the program in there. The info button will tell you where it's located.
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