HDTV and 8800GT overscan problem

Hey there

My problem seems to be slightly different to the other posts that I have seen....

basically, I have a 32" LG 720p HDTV that I use as a monitor. On my 7800GT it was awesome. Pin sharp, perfect view no matter what I used ot for.
Its native resolution is 1360x768.

now that Ive upgraded to a 8800GT, The desktop is clear and perfect with no overscan, but when firing up games such as Crysis and Bioshock, the game is severely overscanned, losing apporx 20% of the total screen.

Ive tried different drivers, Beta drivers, chcnging resolutions, changing refresh rates etc, but its still the same. And a second annoyance is that there is some BAD edge sharpening going on that makes the screen look far brighter than it should, and everything has a 1pixel halo around it....

Anyone have any ideas?

I know that this is an issue for some HDTV users but mine s especially strange as the desktop is perfect......

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  1. Did you use the Nvidia resize desktop tool?
  2. The desktop isnt the problem. Although yes I did try running in 1360x720 and it looked horrible. as its a flat panel, its native resolution is different to some HDTV's.

    so in answer, yes i tried it, and no it didnt work. Desktop is fine, games overscanned.

    strangely World of Warcraft is fine. Pixel perfect in every way
  3. Well Ive partially fixed it but its thrown up a few more questions.

    I can play Crysis in the native resolution now, but only if its played in a window. When its in the wondow, the picture is sharp, clear and obviously 1:1 pixels which is nice =)

    Just still got the same probelm when playing in fullscreen mode. i feel the problem is that the drivers arent using 1:1 pixel mapping when playing games, giving the streeched and fuzzy look.

    Guess ill just have to wait for better drivers.
  4. This is only somewhat related to this thread but I wanted to get this out there where people can find it. If anyone wants to re-post it in an nvidia forum please do.


    I had the same problem and I stumbled upon a solution and since there doesn't seem to be many solutions out there I thought I would post mine for any poor lost internet souls who may have purchased one or more 8800GT.

    So you all know the story by now, you have your 6600GT connected to your HDTV via the snazzy DVI-to-HDMI cable and you have overscan but you fix it with nvidia's desktop resize tool and you think, great!

    But your living in the stone age so you upgrade to a pair of 8800GTs, connect them to your HDTV with your cable and... uh oh... the desktop resize tool doesn't work.

    Hmmm, no wonder I got these so cheap, you think. But I did use the prepackaged CD drivers, maybe I should download the latest from the web.

    No luck. Beta drivers? No luck. Latest registry HDCP hack? No luck. Check the forums for answers? No luck. Customer support? HAHA, yeah right. It would appear nvidia is having a laugh disabling a rather necessary feature and watching us scramble.

    So, I have one solution. I can't say it will work for everybody, but it worked for me and it might work for you.

    If I run the Nvidia control panel, the desktop resize tool doesn't work. If I run X-plane in 1920x1080, I get mad overscan. I get mad overscan all the time. BUT... if I leave x-plane running in the background and now open the nvidia control panel, magically the desktop resize tool works! (x-plane is a flight simulator, free d/l, google it)

    I was able to re-size my desktop in this way to eliminate overscan. The desktop will stay this way after rebooting and everything.

    One note: Once when I did this the colors got messed up - don't worry about it, just get your overscan corrected and then re-boot. The colors will go back to normal after reboot and your overscan will be gone!

    I don't pretend to know why it works, maybe leaving x-plane running forces the graphics card into a mode where it will accept desktop resize. I also have no idea if any other game will work. All I know is that companies are manufacturing and shipping these cards with a CORRECTABLE SOFTWARE PROBLEM and it has been out for MONTHS and they have made NO ATTEMPT TO CORRECT IT! WTF!?!? I switched to nvidia because ATI software was garbage. I guess all software is garbage.
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