N00b overclocker with new rig need of help!

Hiya!!! I finally got it! My new rig. Thanks so much fer all you guy's help!!! Here's my FINAL spec sheet (Well, just the juicy bits):

8800GTS 512
Asus Maximus Formula
OCZ Reapers DDR2 800 2GB
Thermaltake V1 Cooler
Twin WD 750GB

Right, now that THATs done. I still need help! With that rig you'd think i'd know how to overclock? Well, I'm here to learn that! Right, so far, all i've done is play around with the AI Suite software that came with my board and tweaked the FSB and Multipliers in the AI Booster section to 333 x 9. I got it to 3.0GHz. I know this is like STANDARD stuff for a q6600 cuz i read it everywhere!

So, judging by my rig, is it the limit? Or can I push it further? Also, all i did was mess with the FSB. I didn't do anything else (voltages, RAM) cuz i dont know ANYTHING about those!!!! Also, if anyone can teach me how to OC my graphic card, that'll be nice too!!!

Thanks in advance!!!
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  1. software OC is highly frowned upon, you want to do everything on the BIOS.
  2. Well since you have the Asus Maximus we can have noobish fun:

    Go into the Bios and find the overclocking page.
    Find the CPU STEP UP
    It will list you as a q6600 if you are stock.
    Then it gives you step up options:
    Crazy will auto set everthing to OC you to 3.5

    If you use crazy you need to monitor your temps with speedfan or core temp.
    Thats it, simple as that with your Mobo.

    Get the manual out again it will explain it to you better then I can.
  3. As stated, dont software OC. Just modify your bios settings.
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