Problem with SATA and IDE HDs

I have 3 SATA HDs:320 GB, and 80 GBs, and one old IDE HD.Now whenever i try to use the IDE HD,the windows don't start at all.I get an error that select proper boot media.But in BIOS,the boot media is selected as my HD which i use for normal windows loading.But when i remove the IDE HD,system starts working again.Can someone tell me how to use that old IDE HD with the new SATA drive.I'm already using my IDE DVD-RW but can't seem to use the IDE HD.
My system specs are Intel C2D E7300 2.66 GHz with Asus P5e-VM DO board and 2 GB memory.

My new SATA drive is WD 320GB Carviar,or whatever it is called.Before that i had used the same old IDE HD on my previous system which had WD 80 GB Sata drive with Intel D915G board and P4 3.0 GHz processor.
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  1. Sounds like your BIOS is incorectly configured, somewhere there should be an option so select WHICH HD is the boot drive (this is in addition to the boot order).
  2. Thanks MrLinux for reply.Any suggestion to correct it?
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