Raid 0 on 780i

Ok im trying to install raid 0 on my new 780i mobo. i have set up he array, enabled raid in bios, but when i go to install the OS i load he drivers off a thumb drive but it sais windows can not find a valid disk to install. any ideas on what to do?
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  1. Repost in storage forum.
  2. I would consider this an appropriate place for this topic, considering it's a new motherboard, and mobo's are the foundation of new builds...

    Scott, what O/S are you trying to load? I assume it's XP or Vista... is it giving you that error message AFTER it FINDS the drivers, or BEFORE it finds the drivers? because "can not find a valid disk to install" can mean the source it's trying to pull drivers from, or the drives it's trying to tag the drivers to... please be more specific :)
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