Got a few questions about Raid setup

Hi , I got a few questions ,

1st : If im doing raid 0 , can u still partition the hard drive like normal single hard drive ?

2nd : can I do AHCI and Raid 0 at the same time ? or raid driver already supports ahci ?

3rd : Can I dual boot with raid 0 setup ?

4th : If I got two 500gb hard drive in raid 0 setup , does it show 1TB OR only 500gb ?


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  1. 1st: Yes

    2nd: Either RAID or AHCI can be selected in the BIOS, not both.

    3rd: It depends on the OS.

    4th: It will show 1TB
  2. Answers to your questions:

    1.) Yes you can

    2.) Yes you can, but read this

    3.) Yes

    4.) Raid 0 will show approximately 1 TB. It will be more like 930GB in windows, but bios will see all of it.


  3. Wow , Thanks for the fast reply

    TY particleman and ghislaing

  4. No Worries

  5. +1 ghis
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