First build - and the damn thing won't work!!

Hello, I've bastardised a few computers over the years, and my old one is almost completely different from when it was new out the catalogue (I think only the case is the same). I've just put together my first scratch built system and the bloody thing won't work.

So I come here as my brother tells me you lot are the guys to talk to.

Anyway, the system is:
Intel E8400,
4 gig ram,
Asus P5K-SE (which I have just discovered was a big mistake),
Gainward GF 8800GT
and a 520W power supply.

Turn power on and the keyboard and USB mouse flash momentarily then go blank. All the fans are up and running, including the graphics fan. The hard drive and DVD make lovely chuntering noises but the moniter does absolutely nothing.
I've taken everything out of the system apart from the minimum (Mobo, CPU, PSU and graphics card) and still get nothing. On one occasion the computer did put a message on screen saying there was an error, no hard drive found, but after reconnecting the hard drive nothing happened and now disconnecting it again I can't get the message back up. So apart from that one time I've got nothing.

I've got a suspicion it's the Mobo that's screwed, or possibly too little power (although I checked up and 520 should be more than enough). So does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks ahead.
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  1. The only thing that I can suggest is to test the components on another computer and eliminate ones that does work.

    If you hear any clicking noise in the hard drive, then you should return it.

    Also, more info on the PSU.
  2. It's a cooler master M520.

    I just noticed that the CPU isn't getting warm either. Is it common for new components to not work out of the box? The hard drives just making the normal good noise it makes on start up.

    Thanks for your help.
  3. Harold, the MB will not boot with the E8400 until a BIOS update which supports the E8400 has been performed.
  4. Oooh, that's interesting. Umm, sorry for sounding stupid, but do you have an idea of how I do that? The thing won't boot up so I can't change the bios.

    Should I try and scavenge another CPU from somewhere to get it kick started, or can I do it with a boot disk?
    Thanks alot.
  5. You will need a socket 775 CPU supported by the BIOS version the Gigabyte MB shipped with. Not familiar with Gigabyte, but a 65nm C2D processor will do. A Pentium D would work as well. Once the system is up and running get the proper BIOS version online that supports the E8400 from the Mfg. product page. Instructions for flashing the BIOS are in your MB manual.
  6. I see you have an ASUS MB. Dial in your MB here and go to the product download page. Look under CPU support and download the BIOS version that supports the E8400.
  7. That's brilliant, thanks. Now all I got to do is find me a CPU. If it all I works then I owe you a great big e-cookie :)
  8. You will need to flash to BIOS version O906, which supports the E8400.

    Download is here. Your MB shipped with 0401 or 0503
  9. Sorry, I first thought you had a Gigadud. I see you have Asus P5K. I don't see the SE edition listed. Only the P5K-E.
  10. Thanks, I found it - it needs to be 0704. I'll put that one down as a learning experience. Thanks for your help.
  11. I located the P5K-E. I didn't see the P5K-SE listed.
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