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Just got a new Dell Inpsiron 530s (slim), Intel Viiv Core 2 Duo E6550 Processor (2.33GHz,1333MHz,4MB cache), 2048MB 667MHz Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM and 256MB ATI® Radeon™ HD 2400 XT graphics card which i want to upgrade.

I have been told by a friend that the Radeon 2400XT graphics card is half height or low profile. Does anyone know if they use this card because its the only card small enough that will fit, due to the slimline case or can I use any PCI-e graphics card? I would be grateful if someone could help me as I have no idea about PC's.

Does anyone know what cards are available for this system. I would want a reasonably good graphics card, that will play reasonably recent games like Call of Duty 2/Half Life 2 etc my limit is £100.

Thank you all in advance

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    The card slots are only half-height because of the slim desktop form factor, which limits some choices

    Looks like it's half sized. What you have in there is probably the fastest half-sized vidcard you can get.

    You should open up your case and check.
  2. I have the same machine and graphics card. I just received it today. I was told by the sales rep that I could drive two monitors off this card. I have one DVI port on the back, and a 'Video' port, but not a VGA port. Was I lied to? Can I actually drive a second monitor off this card?
  3. The best low pro card you can get is a 8600GT, they dont make anything better than that. Gaming machines aren't low pro
  4. Yeah, I have not seen anything half heightt hat would touch that 8600GT; Not even close. Most are crippled 64-bit cards even. And it's not priced bad either, all things considered.

    The big problem I see with that 8600GT is the pics do not show the low profile slot bracket included. Many half heights come with both slot brackets. Also it's GDDR2, but that's getting picky. Nice find, just needs to check on the bracket.
  5. ^
    I saw a few mentioned in other threads, and every one says a 8600GT is the most you will get.

    Who buys a slimline gamer anyways? But he mentions Call of Duty 2 and HL2. Wouldn't a 2400XT run those just fine? I mean they aren't demanding games at all.
  6. I also purchased a new Dell Inspiron 530s at Xmas. I wanted to use two monitors to extend the desktop. The problem is: I have ordered 4 new graphic cards-- the first was back ordered at Dell for a month, the next three weren't compatible because the power supply in the unit is only 250 -- and the graphic cards needed a larger power supply, which Dell doesn't have! Dell's technicians recommended 3 of these cards, but didn't know about the power supply problem until I called them. Because it is a slim case, you have to have a card that will fit-- the graphics cards also require a bigger power supply then what is in the computer. Dell doesn't have a power supply that is large enough to run the card or will fit in the case. The last Dell tech said that I could use connectors with a splitter and use the card that came in the computer, that it could run the two monitors and not hurt the computer. Well the cables and splitter came, and wouldn't fit my connections! I'm a lay person, but have been through so many techs with this problem, I don't know what to do. I'm told the computer can work with two monitors, but the problem is finding a solution, because of the small case and finding a card that will run in it with the power supply that's already in the computer. Dell said you cannot upgrade the PSU in the 530s systems.
    Below are the different boards plus the cables that Dell techs recommended I ordered from Dell and one suggested by another company, all needed a bigger power supply, but Dell failed to notice that:

    I think my computer has a Intel(R) G33/G31 Express chipset family and Intel GMA 3100 4.0 card. Below are the graphics cards purchased/returned, and also the cables Dell said I could use with my existing card instead of adding a new card but the cables didn't match up. Can someone help me, this is a new computer, and I'm tired of the Dell techs and not getting my machine up and running.

    1st - RADEON HD2600XT PCIE 256MB HDMI DVI VGA HDMI SVID LP ATX 300W REQ (Dell Tech suggested)

    2nd - PNY GeForce 8600 GT Video Card dual link (ordered from another Computer supplier)

    3rd - GeForce 8400GS 256MB DDR2 DMS-59 Dual Monitor Low Profile Solution PCI Express Video Card (Dell Tech suggested)

    4th - DVI and VGA Y Cables,RoHS Compliant,Dell OptiPlex Customer Install also: DVI Female to HD15 VGA Male Video Adapter
    "Use with existing graphics card and power supply" (Dell Tech suggested)

    5th - 256MB ATI Radeon X1300 Pro, or Dimension (Dell Tech suggested)

    On the Dell forum another person gave the advice below, but now I'm so confused I don't know what to do or if this graphics card will work either --- can someone help?
    You can run the ATI HD 4550, or the 9500GT with that system to run two monitors.
    You will also need the low profile back plate for the 9500GT. Manufactors do overstate their power for their cards, and dell do understate the power for their PSU's.
  7. I just got a Dell 530s with the AMD Radeon HD3450 256 MB video card. "Dawn of War II" is lagging badly. This card seems better than the ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro 256 MB. (I have both, as well as a big 'L' on my forehead.) Is the 8600 GT better than the Radeon 3450?
  8. @justme, don't get the 8400gs, that one is useless for gaming. Even a 6800 from years earlier beats the 8400gs. The 8600GT is medicore, and is considered the bottom of the line for gaming.

    I suggest you get a 9600GT or better yet, a 8800GT/9800GT or the ATI4830. Get it cheap from newegg or ebay.

    Just make sure your PSU has the right connectors and enough amps.
  9. As far as i know this would be the best choice for a SFX power supply that will fit in a slim case, if anyone else knows any others please post it.

    check the measurements of the existing power supply to make sure it will fit.
  10. After fighting with Dell and ordering cards from them that wouldn't work because of the small power supply and sending them back-- I ordered from "" a "USB to DVI External Video Card, High Resolution, 1600 x 1200". It costs about $120, it connected externally to an usb port and handles two monitors great! It was easy to install and was up running in a few minutes without going inside the case! Too bad Dell techs don't know about this, but then again, they didn't know about the small power supply or how to remedy the situation!
  11. Thanks for the advice on the power supply. Going to a 350W unit would give me quite a few more options than the 250W that comes with the 530s.

    Let's suppose, hypthetically speaking, that I was willing to take a hack saw to my case and make some extra room. Could I go to a 450 or 500 watt power supply and get the card I really need? Or is there any such thing as an external power supply?
  12. I would have no problem running the 9600GT low profile card - $90 after rebate
    with the above listed Seasonic 350w power supply, it has plenty of amps and although it's below the recommended wattage it would work fine. As far as i know the 9600GT is the most powerful low profile card available right now. You might be able to run a full size graphic card and full size power supply in a 530S, but you'd probably have to leave the side cover off and may have some hacksaw work/modding to get everything to fit. Another option might be to just replace your case with something like the Antec300 and switch your components over. I've never done the switchover with a 530S so i'm not sure how practical it would be.

    *EDIT* I guess they came out with a 9800GT low profile while i wasn't looking.
    The 9800GT uses 80watts at load, the 9600GT uses 61watts at load.
  13. Thanks again for the advice. I ordered two of the power supplys and two cards, and the kids ( and I ) should be shooting aliens any time now.
  14. try the nvidia geforce 9500gt it is actually the replacement for the 8500gt and the8600gt, it is fairly inexpensive
  15. Shaun,
    I also have the Inspiron 530S but I did not get a special graphics card (it's an integrated card). I'm running Flight Simulator and it's okay but it won't FS Acceleration. So I called Dell and was advised to order the GEForce 9500GT. When it arrived I realized that it does not fit the 530S. Why do you want to upgrade the card you already have, seems like it would be powerfukl enough for most gaming.
    Al Q.
  16. I also have the 530s and apparently instead of a real graphics card, it just has "Intel G33/31 Express Chipset Family". The screen flickers black and I get a display driver error while playing Sims 3. Considering the slim case, is there any card that would for sure fit? ..And there is no way that I'm going to switch to a different case or mess with the power supply.
  17. jadavis1992 said:
    try the nvidia geforce 9500gt it is actually the replacement for the 8500gt and the8600gt, it is fairly inexpensive

    I keep hearing about needing a kit for 530 which they said they don`t make ? what that all about :cry:
  18. Bluescreendeath said:
    @justme, don't get the 8400gs, that one is useless for gaming. Even a 6800 from years earlier beats the 8400gs. The 8600GT is medicore, and is considered the bottom of the line for gaming.

    I suggest you get a 9600GT or better yet, a 8800GT/9800GT or the ATI4830. Get it cheap from newegg or ebay.

    Just make sure your PSU has the right connectors and enough amps.

    That depends on the games. I have a 8400gs and I play CoD4 maxed out and Bioshock at half way settings. I can turn bioshock up some more but if I want perfectly smooth frames I don't.
  19. Wow, the 8400GS is capable of that? Do you mind me asking what CPU/RAM you have? I had always thought the 8400GS was trash for any gaming.

    I have a 531S, so they're pretty much the same as 530s and using the onboard 6150 I wasn't even able to start up the game, so I'm in a similar situation as this poster.

    However, I've been contemplating buying this little card:

    It's low-profile, ~$50 bucks, and wouldn't require a PSU upgrade.

    The chart on this site (,2362-6.html) even actually has it pretty high up there.
  20. Currently I am using my backup computer because my main PC is down and I am building a new one. This computer has a 3.1 GHz single core with 1 GB of ram and a crappy OEM motherboard. It is an old Dell XPS 410.

    I have the card overclocked at the current moment to over 700 MHz and the memory to around 480 MHz and I get solid fps on both CoD4 and Bioshock as well as TF2. It isn't the most amazing card for gaming but it is by no means crap. I needed a good card for a temp until my new computer is built and for what I paid I am not disappointed in the slightest.

    You will be happier with that 4650 though. I was going to get it as well but I got the 8400GS with my friends discount for 25 bucks and since this is only a temp card there was no reason to spend the extra money.
  21. anyone looking to run 2 monitors on the can run a pci and pci e at the same time but onboard only by itself....i took an old ATI PCI 128mb video card took off the silver bracket and cut it in half just above the serial video .. also one more cut to the bottom of the bracket just enough to seat the card all the way down..the modified bracket pieces were then reattached. the vga will be a little loose but this is not a problem just attach the cable and use the screws it's not going anywhere. Works fine no power issues i guess I haven't run games but dual monitor is working fine.
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