ASUS P4PE-X green LED goes on, no power - please help...


So i managed to get my hands on a desktop that had a dead power supply.

the mobo is an ASUS P4PE-X
the cpu is an Intel P4 @ 2.8

I pulled a working power supply from my other P4 desktop and hooked it to the new desktop to try to power it up.

However, as soon as i switch on the power supply - the green standby LED goes ON, on the mobo.

I have taken out everything from the mobo, and the only thing that it is connected to is the CPU+fan, and the couple of wires from the tower case.

When i push the power button on the desktop itself, nothing ever happens, no fans spin (neither from the power supply nor the cpu fan).

-original one which was dead is a : NSpire - Model No. NSP-300P4B OUTPUT 300W

-newer one which i am trying to hook up and get going - Enhance - Model NO. ATX-1125BTA R300
300 WATT power supply

(pictures below)

Should i change tower cases (possible ground issues?) ?
change power supply?
i have a dead mobo and/or cpu?

im going crazy on this, and im running out of ideas on what to do next.

thanks in advance for any possible help!

sorry for the pic size - but wanted the details to be clear:

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  1. also just pulled the mobo out of the case, hooked the P/S and ried to jump start it by a screwdriver, and nothing at all. P/S fan nor the cpu fan spins. The green LED on the mobo is on though.
  2. with the mobo sitting on my table with only P/S attached:

    tried removing the cpu, and put the fan back on, and tried to jump start again with a screwdriver:
    the green led on the board is ON, but none of the fans spin.
  3. Disconnect the PSU from everything. Then on the 20/24-pin ATX connection, short the green wire with any black wire (using a wire or paper clip). The power supply should go on. If it doesn't, then something is wrong with the PSU. If it turns on, then connect only these connections/devices to your motherboard (all power connections mentioned are required if there is the connection/socket on the motherboard): 20/24-pin ATX to motherboard, 4/8-pin to motherboard, insert video card and connect it to power (if required), insert 1 stick of memory, insert/install CPU & heatsink, connect heatsink power to motherboard or power supply. Make sure PSU is on (if there is a switch), then short out with power switch connection with a screwdriver and the PC should turn on. If it does but are still having problems with POST, connect the PC speaker to the motherboard and listen for the beep code and look that up. If it doesn't start but the power supply started when nothing else was connected, then something is wrong. Possibly when the old PSU went out it killed the motherboard. If the CPU, memory, or video card are bad, you would still get a beepcode (i'm pretty sure) and fans/power would still turn on. Try that and let me know.
  4. thanks for the help.......

    i got a new 1000 Watt P/S it started right up....

  5. empire9 said:
    thanks for the help.......

    i got a new 1000 Watt P/S it started right up....


    1000 watt for a P4??? Sounds like a waste of money! (unless you plan on using it for another build in the future)
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