Geforce 7950 GX2!

I am buying a used Geforce 7950 GX2 for $120 and i want to know how high it will overclock on stock air, or about how high. Yeah i tend on figuring out its max myself but im asking to get an estimate of how high i can get it.

Also does anyone Know of any websites that have Fps charts for Crysis using different graphics cards? If not do you know about how well this will perform on crysis? I only need 25 frames to play a game, on integrated graphics i got crysis running at 7-15 frames which is just under playable for me, if i could overclock my Cpu im sure it would be playable.
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  1. Also if you know anything about AMD please help me in this thread as i am still waiting for a answer.
  2. Why does no one ever help me?
  3. Ugh, I hope that you checked THG's VGA Charts.... Seeing that the card is last generation, I doubt many review sites would want to benchmark new games like Crysis on aging hardware. Your best bet is to compare performances across varying cards (i.e. the 8800GT versus the 7950 GX2) and varyng games (I don't know which are Open GL or DirectX optimized) so you can get a feel for the card's power:

    Also, there is a search engine called google where you can try searching for "Crysis benchmarks" or 8800GT Crysis.
  4. For example:

    That's what a quick search on google yields. A little bit more homework and you'll have your question answered.
  5. Why does no one ever help me?

    because you nag
  6. Hmmm, I run a 7900GT (the GX2 is basically 2 7900s) 256 @ 551 core and 788 on memory (stock)... I could overclock it, as I have in the past. It has the bigger stock cooler from eVGA and it has archived 575ish and 815ish... I run all mediums pleasantly (stock speeds) and on all high with shaders on medium... But it has a bit of a hard time pulling that in very full scenes and areas.

    So, you could take crysis on quit well on mostly if not all highs, depending on the rest of your system. As for an overclock, you could be able to eek out a couple more FPS. Heat and volts might restrict you since its such a beastly double-card
  7. You could start my setting it at stock 7950GT speed, since the 7950 GX2 is essentially a 7950GT x2.

    Even for $120 though a 7950 GX2 isn't such a wise investment...
  8. I would have to agree, the 7950GX2 is not that wise of a choice right now.

    I have that card and Crysis set all the specs to medium.

    My Computer
    Intel - D975XBX
    Intel - x6800
    G.Skill - 4 x 1GB
    EVGA - 7950GX2 542Core / 704Memory
  9. Why does no one ever help me?

    because you nag

    I don't nag, i asked about some things and waited a week, i repost to refresh my page and put in on first page wince not many people;e go all the way to page 3-4.

    I am buying the 7950GX2 because i cant sacrifice more than $130. I dont know another card that is the same price and better in performance. I am getting it off of craigslist.

    So med-high settings on Crysis, forgot to mention the resolution is either 1024 or 1200, yeah i went to that link and yeah i googled but i must of used the wrong words.

    I intend on getting my hands on that 9800GX2 come next Christmas for a present for myself. But i am joining the Navy soon so i wont have any time for games.
  10. If your joining the Navy soon and wont be playing many games then I wouldn't even bother. I'd save that $130 for something more useful towards a better graphics card later on.
  11. by soon i mean June.
  12. I guess this would be the best option for that price range, though i would be very cautious about buying from craigslist. Make sure you can test the card in a very intense game such as crysis or oblivion before you make the plunge. If you could i would definitely wait a bit and buy the 3850 for $160 or so.
  13. Yea, a 7950 GX2 for $120 seems too go to be true. Look into a 512MB HD3850 instead. They are less that $200 on Newegg right now.
  14. Personally, I'd get the 2900pro instead.
    It's 20 dollars more on Newegg than the 7950 GX2 that you are getting, but it can easily be OC'd to 2900XT speeds, which is about as good as a 8800GTS 640mb, which is a good deal better than the 7950 GX2.

    You might be able to find it used for even cheaper than that, you'd just have to shop around.
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