New PSU for old motherboard?


I read the motherboard FAQ and found an answer to "can I use my new motherboard with my old psu?" but my question is the otherway around. Can I use a new PSU (24pins) with my old motherboard (20pins)?

I'm having a hard time finding PSUs around 500+ watts with 20 pins connectors. Some vendors show in the specs they have a 20+4pin connector which I'm not sure to interpret as being one 24pin connector but backwards compatible with a 20pin motherboard or as two connectors (one 20pin and one 4pin). You guys know of a vender and maybe model which suits my requirements? My current old motherboard is an Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe and PSU is 350 Watts which just isn't enough anymore. I cannot uppgrade motherboard right now so I'm just looking to upgrade the PSU.

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  1. Most 24 pin models have the extra 4 pin as a snap off setup. Mine actually came with a 24 to 20 pin adapter. Check pictures of the connector at newegg.
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