8800GT giving me a headache

PC Set-Up:
Intel E6750 @ 2.66GHz
A-Data 8GB PC2-6400 DDR2 RAM
OCZ GameXStream 700W

EVGA 8800GT: Default values of 650/1620/950 (core/shader/memory)

My 3D Mark '06 Score is ranging between 10400 - 10550.

I was expecting better results.

What am I doing wrong?

I tried o/c to: 700/1740/1000 and it didn't do much (went from 10414 to 10545).

I am running 2 monitors (17" Acer Flat Screen + 22" Acer Flat Screen)

When I built the system, I heard good things about the 8800gt so I got it. I went and got (what I think) is a fast processor, 8gigs of ram and two really fast sata3gb/s 7200.11 baracuda hdd's. I was aiming for it to be a mid-level gaming pc, but I'm starting to feel like it isn't. It runs crysis and mass effect on high resolutions without a problem and runs pretty smooth.

Anything I can do to improve my performance reliably? Thanks for the input guys.
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  1. This is with the omega 1.169.25 drivers and using rivatuner on windows vista ultimate 64 bit.
  2. that seems like a good score for your system.
  3. Well I just built a couple of systems.

    System 1
    PC/Chips Mobo
    e2180 OC to 2.67
    3G Ram
    575 Watt PSU

    10500 3dmark 06 score stock EVGA 8800GT

    System 2:
    Asus P5K SE
    e7200 oc to 3.6
    4G Ram
    EVGA 512 8800GT Stock
    575 Watt PSU

    13,789 3dmark 06

    Overclocking your CPU helps a ton on 3dmark 06.
    Oh, both systems running Vista Ultimate 32

    For your CPU speed your right where you should be.
  4. I just upgraded my drivers from the omega 1.169.25 to the official nvidia and the 3dmark06 score with default 648/1620/950 turned out a healthy 11190 3dmark score.

    Will it make more of a difference now if I o/c it?
  5. You bet. Especially if you OC the CPU to atleat 3.4.

    Watch those temps.
  6. The drivers alone made my score go up by 776 pts
  7. Yeah, I'm going to O/C my E6750 now and see what difference that makes.
  8. you should be able to kick out 750/1850/1000 on those cards. turn up the fan and enjoy the OC experience!!!

    what CPU cooler you using and mobo?
  9. ASUS P5K

    I have some new scores to report:

    The 3d mark score jumped to 12,364 with my e6750 o/c to 3.2ghz
  10. 750/1850/1000 Didn't work too well. I was artifacting.

    730/1805/1000 Was artifacting slightly.

    I'm currently running a 710/1755/1000 right now and checking for stability and temperature.

    If it checks out, I will run 3dmark again and see where it takes me.
  11. 10 minutes, no artifacts.
  12. Run 3dmark06 on loop if you can for about an hour just to make sure. Or you can grab ATI tools and scarn for artifacts. A little artifact in ATI tools will usually never show in games.
  13. I cranked up the o/c for the processor to:
    E6750 (2.66ghz) to 3.4GHz and the 3dmark06 score jumped to 12686.

    I then got greedy and cranked it up to 3.6ghz and got a score of 12843, but I failed the prime95 test so I backed off of it.

    I reverted to 3.4ghz and am currently running 721/1805/1000.

    I will do more exact tests once I get to where I want, I want to test for tons of stability.

    My cpu core temp has been a rock solid 68 while running prime95, is that fine?

    Thanks for the help guys.

    Oh and I believe I cant go further than 3.4ghz on my processor because of my crappy a-data ram. The processor itself does fine and even runs 3dmark's cpu test, but when I start prime95.. 5 minutes in.. my windows dumps the memory and the blue screen pops up and restarts the pc.

    So basic moral of the story is... A-Data is no good for overclocking past 850mhz (ddr2).
  14. That's cause you have 4 sticks of ram. More sticks of ram = bad OCing. So remove 2 of the sticks and give it a go.
  15. apparantly if the core temp go above 70C the card will start artifacting and freeze.
  16. My core and ambient temps stay relatively cool.

    I'm pretty happy with my results, considering that my RAM sucks and I am on stock cooling.

    I have an Arctic Cooler Pro 7 but it was annoying trying to put it on the mobo because I felt that it took too much force to snap it in.. and I didn't want to break the mobo when I was assembling the pc, so I just went with the Intel fan instead.

    If I get better RAM and install the cpu cooler I have, I can probably easily push my E6750 to 3.8GHz and my RAM to 1000MHz.

    Anyhow, hope this helps anyone else with a 8800GT.
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